Can AI be Leveraged to Enhance the Online Bingo Experience?

Can AI be Leveraged to Enhance the Online Bingo Experience?
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In 2023, adoption rates, investment, and further developments in artificial intelligence are only going to grow to make the potentially incredibly powerful tech more and more integrated with our everyday lives. Financial services and healthcare look to sit at the forefront of the new applications of AI this year, and seem the most willing industries to put the latest developments into action.

However, AI has incredibly wide-ranging applications and the potential to refine processes across a business with ease. Still very much a growing line of entertainment, online bingo is a great example of how a sector can be refined and grow even with what we’d see as the current state of artificial intelligence – let alone futuristic AI.

Perfecting the promotions process

A big part of online bingo’s growth has been its stacks of promotions that give players more time in the games or bonuses for starting out. The Paddy Power Bingo promotions range across bonus funds and free spins, boosted bingo game nights, sweepstakes, guaranteed cash prizes, and as much as six hours of free bingo each day. All of these promos help to make bingo much more accessible and help it to earn its easygoing reputation.

At all bingo websites, the promotions are put up and held static on the promotions page and tick along the homepage header for as long as the promos run. However, AI could make this process better. With the right software in place and a large range of promotions that the platform’s happy to offer, AI could analyze the play and preferences of any given user, and then present the specific promos that are most likely to appeal to them.

Personalizing everything

Can AI be Leveraged to Enhance the Online Bingo Experience? Source: Pexels

When people give over their details to get an account, they’re expecting a better, more convenient experience as a result. While it’s certainly a good thing overall, the fact that online bingo has become so expansive with its rooms, slots, and instant-win games mean that navigation can be a bit trickier.

With AI, brands can tailor a user’s landing page to suit them perfectly. As the Venture Beat AI article details, AI-powered personalization can transform eCommerce businesses through deep learning processes. After a few weeks of use – and increasingly over the ensuing months – a program could seamlessly identify the exact games that players want to play based on those that they have played or have spent extended periods looking at.

Chatty hosts and hospitable chatbots

Can AI be Leveraged to Enhance the Online Bingo Experience?Source: Unsplash

ChatGPt, released by OpenAI earlier this year, has gone through a fairly rigorous test only to come through and surprise many who tried out the new tech. Its secret is the ability to formulate answers in a distinctly non-formulaic way, almost human-like, in a way. Furthermore, those responses proved to be rational and fluent across a whole host of different topics.

Having an advanced chatbot at the ready which can respond in a chatty way – as is the usual brand angle of bingo – would make even customer service or lobby questions in-theme. Or, of course, there’s the LiveReacting show host AI. Their AI host can offer an engaging and interactive experience for audiences, making the bingo lobbies perhaps even more entertaining at a comparatively low cost to the operator.

If applied to the areas of promotions, personalization, and player interactions, AI could even transform online bingo into an even more entertainment-driven experience.

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