Champion Pro Cut Jerseys - Beware of Fakes



n Before I begin, let me start this blog post by saying I do not collect Champion Pro-Cut jerseys. replica soccer jerseys is way too rampant since the price-points are so exorbitant. There are two types of counterfeits/counterfeits. The most obvious is called blatant. visible, while subtle is the one that is the least. Counterfeits from China (or anywhere else) with Champion threads are clearly counterfeits. Subtle counterfeits are made by taking legitimate uncut Champion team-issued jersey and applying an athlete's name or number to it using an unlicensed 3rd party. Below are examples of fake and real Pro-Cuts.
Jock Tags & Sizing
It should fit the specific measurements of each player and be made to their specifications to be appropriate for the season in question. I always make use of Michael Jordan as an example because his size of jersey is one of the most famous. The Pro-Cut Michael Jordan Bulls jersey from the 1990s is recommended to be size at 46 with an additional 3 inches of body length.
Champion Pro Cut Jerseys - Beware of Fakes
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