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me begin with the fact that, while I've owned more than 1000 replicas, I've not owned one of the Pro-Cut. In the pre-internet days of the mid 90s to early 90s in the 90s, it was nearly impossible to locate Pro-Cuts in the mall or in sporting goods stores. replica jerseys mlb -Cuts were an exclusive item that was not much of a draw outside of the memorabilia world (collectors of autographs etc). My parents would not have found $250 to be an affordable price. Don't forget that Pro-Cuts can be made according to specifications for players so that people in sixth grade wearing the Procut Ewing jersey won't look smug.
Infamous counterfeits could be copies that are made in by a foreign company (China) in which not a single thread is Champion. Subtle counterfeits are made by taking an authentic empty Champion jersey from a team and putting a player's tackle-twill name/number on it , by a non-licensed third party.
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