ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger
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Artificial intelligence answers all the questions from subscribers 

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence is of interest to both IT developers and common users, but also scientists as well. At first, they were slightly concerned by the new invention. The concerns were mostly deriving from the fact that Artificial Intelligence may surpass human intellect and pose a threat to it. However, the neural ChatGPT network had recently emerged, after which an international group of scientists released a manifest that depicted their official position in regards to this notion. Its core purpose was to announce that the collective opinion of scientists has changed from being concerned to a positive view of the phenomenon. The core reason for such is recognition of the fact that stopping the development of neural networks is impossible; hence, it is essential to learn to exist in a mutually beneficial manner with them. 

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

As a result, scientists made the decision to use such neural networks despite the potential risks. They believe that a neural network will not only be able to analyze data, but also synthesize new approaches and discoveries in science. The process will be gradual, and perhaps each new discovery will amaze and expand the boundaries of human imagination further. Although, artificial intelligence is making its first steps at this time already, and quite successfully so.

Blogger - neural network. Our new reality 

Gem4me platform now has a blog which allows for users to communicate with the new ChatGPT neural network by OpenAI. The interaction is done in the format of questions and answers: users ask their questions on the ChatGPT channel and receive expansive answers from artificial intelligence shortly. Furthermore, they also actively discuss their impressions from those answers in the comments section. 

The new blog on the Gem4me platform interested those who wish to receive an answer to their specific questions from artificial intelligence at this time. 

What does AI think about? 

The “think” verb should still be used conditionally at this time. In essence, it is more about processing a large amount of information according to established algorithms. However, the process looks more and more like a thinking operation based on how the results look. 

People will recall how it all began later in the future. Therefore, we can confidently state that we are witnesses of a truly historical moment in time. Perhaps, the current answers of the neural network to people’s questions will be received with the same amusement in the future as we currently look at black and white televisions or large computers at some retro exhibition nowadays. Various flaws will be obvious. Nonetheless, communication with the new neural network attracts users from all over the world today.

Furthermore, it is of much interest to review detailed answers of ChatGPT and analyze them. First and foremost, answers of the neural network currently look as if the artificial intelligence simply structures information from open sources, and even so they look quite logical already. In regards to drawbacks we can note that artificial intelligence frequently uses pattern words and does not strive to implement elegance in the linguistic component of its texts. Nonetheless, similar peculiarities can also be seen in texts of normal people, for instance, students and even middle-aged individuals for whom other skill sets and professions are easier rather than composing interesting texts. Although, the fact that artificial intelligence can already be seriously compared to humans is a sensation on its own.

Below are just a few examples of the answers from the ChatGPT neural network blog:

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

In this answer, it is of much interest how artificial intelligence is able to talk about itself and its ability to learn by communicating with a person. It can separate a set of factual data which can be uploaded to it, for instance - from multiplication table to more complicated data based on subjective opinions or socially-determined factors. 

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

ChatGPT — Gem4me Blogger

In this answer it is evident that artificial intelligence is able to answer rather abstract questions as well. Not a single person will be able to provide a concrete answer to the question of what day should be chosen for hosting important negotiations. The answer would require logical reasoning in order to come to a conclusion. Artificial intelligence has clearly done quite well. It excluded the traditionally stressful Monday from the list and suggested choosing the middle of the week as a more neutral time based on statistics. 

Blogger - neural network vs human blogger — who would win?

As the scientists had rightly pointed out in their recent manifest, humans and artificial intelligence — are not enemies or competitors. Instead, their mutual cooperation is a symbiosis of possibilities. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. A person will be superior at feeling emotions and using imagination, while the neural network will transform an infinite amount of processed information to a new quality, generating conclusions which a person is unable to reach yet. 

Technologies of artificial intelligence must become assistants of daily human life. Even now we interact with them every day — some have a voice assistant at home, others communicate with a bank’s support bot resolving an issue without even noticing that they are talking to a robot, not a person. The options for applying this technology are limitless and it remains only to observe with excitement what the developers will amuse us with tomorrow.

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