Chiliz: the cryptocurrency of the football world

Chiliz: the cryptocurrency of the football world
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06 September 2022

If you are a big football fan, you probably already know the Chiliz platform, which is currently revolutionising the cryptocurrency market.

Many football teams have already joined the world of cryptocurrencies on Chiliz.

This platform offers the opportunity for fans to become a kind of "influencer" with the ability to vote on some of the decisions of their favourite teams. This digital currency is based on blockchain technology and it has been designed specifically for sports fans.

Is Chiliz a good investment?

After the emergence of Bitcoin and Ethereum, other crypto projects sought to imitate the same strategies to stand out and outperform Ethereum, even trying to achieve higher transactions per second. However, the vast majority of these cryptocurrency startups have not achieved the success they had hoped for, and investors have grown weary.

Chiliz comes along at the best possible time to make a difference and lend a hand to the tokenisation of entertainment platforms, as well as the sports industry.

What exactly is Chiliz?

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency that specialises in sports and entertainment platforms and aims to become the bridge that interconnects fans with the best sports clubs in the world.

With it, it is possible to earn exclusive rewards. Those who make use of this cryptocurrency are provided with a kind of "membership card" with which they can interact directly with the clubs.

The Chiliz team itself is certain that demand for its cryptocurrency will increase as new partners are added. One of its main objectives is to incorporate and encompass all football teams, alongside clubs of a myriad of other sports.

European teams with their own cryptocurrency


Paris Saint-Germain is one of the European teams with its own cryptocurrency, called PSG Fan Token. Fans can use it to take part in voting and other team-related activities. Its initial value when it first released in 2020 was $3.57 and it currently stands at $24.57.

Manchester City

The English club also has its own cryptocurrency, called CITY. Fans of the club will be able to use to gain access to VIP rewards, team promotions, games, augmented reality features and voting rights at different polls with it. This crypto and its features enable fans to feel closer to their favourite team.

Valencia CF

Peter Lim's team offers fans around the world the possibility to interact directly with the club and influence some of its decisions; a feature appreciated by some as some of his decisions have not been well received by the fans. A year ago, Lim released one of the most promising gems of all time, Kang Lee. To Lim though, Lee was merely a marketing tool to promote the team throughout South Korea and to increase the Valencian family.

Koreans are sports lovers, and more and more so for the beautiful game of football. In the past, it was difficult to bet on the game, but now they can easily do so via access to betting sites in South Korea where they can predict the results. In addition, they can make payments via crypto on websites such as SBO. Football is the most popular sport when it comes to betting, but one may also bet on other sports such as baseball or golf. These are the most popular in South Korea, although if the bettor is more traditional it is always possible to bet on taekwondo, jokgu or ssireum.

Valencia is one of the clubs that are currently part of Chiliz and it already has its own cryptocurrency. What's more, during the 2021-22 season, the club advertised it on the front of their shirts.

Chiliz’s partners

Chiliz has teamed up with, the platform on which all the world's leading football teams are based, including FC Barcelona and Juventus. These two clubs have ceded the rights to the platform so that they can manage their fans' tokens. Milan, AS Roma, Atlético de Madrid and Galatasaray, among many others, have also joined the platform.

Chiliz has also partnered with Enjin, which has enabled for the creation of branded digital collectibles, popularly known as NFTS, exclusively for the sports and entertainment industry.

Not only that, Chiliz has also agreed to a special partnership with Binance Chain. This association has made instant payment services easier and more efficient, as well as allowing the use of prepaid gift cards and microtransactions for different online services.

Chainlink is another of Chiliz's collaborations, which also enables NFT development, as well as exclusive collectibles to commemorate sporting events.

But perhaps the most important partnership of all is the one arranged with Lagardere Sports, which allows Chiliz to obtain ownership of worldwide sports rights. They have also made a deal with Rakuten in order to distribute some of its cryptocurrency tokens across all Europe.

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