Choosing a Projector for Classroom Use

Choosing a Projector for Classroom Use
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The rise in the use of AV technologies has created a world full of functionalities around us. Today, AV equipment is not only used in corporates to conduct board meetings but also in schools and colleges to provide Audio Visual Education. A projector is the main equipment for providing education to children. It is important to choose the right projector for a classroom so that every element on the screen looks crystal clear, easy to understand, and interesting. 


In this blog, we will look at things to consider for classroom projectors. 


Things to Consider for Classroom Projectors

It is impossible to convenience the present generation to focus on black bard while a teacher is teaching. The world doesn’t need a classroom anymore but an Audio Visual Classroom where students can learn with fun. Choosing the right projector is thus very important and necessary. Let’s look at a few things to consider while choosing a classroom projector:


  • Lumen

Not every projector has the same level of brightness. Good quality projectors are brighter than normal quality projectors. The brightness of a projector is measured in Lumen. The amount of lumen you should select in a projector is also dependent on the size and lighting condition of the classroom. 


  • Interactivity Options

Gone are the days when projectors were just devices that can project something on a screen. Today, projectors are smart devices that come with many connectivity and interactive options. One can also write on these projects to teach important concepts to the class. 


  • Throw Distance

The distance between projectors and the image on the screen is known as throw distance. If the size of a screen is very large, long-throw projectors would be needed to project something on it. 



Believe it or not but Audio Visual Education is a need in the current era of the education system. Considering the following points can help you pick the right projector for a classroom. Sigma AVIT is a trusted AV service provider in Banglore and can provide you with consultancy for AV equipment

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