Choosing a Water Pipe

Choosing a Water Pipe
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Many smokers prefer the cool smoke and big rips that a water pipe allows them to take. To many, these offer the ultimate experience - better than what pocket glass like hand pipes and chillums can offer.

But if you’re interested and have never bought a water pipe before, look out for these defining features to help you choose one before you start shopping for head shops and water pipes near you.

Bowl Size
Bowl size is an important aspect of choosing a water pipe as it will in part determine the size of the hits you can take. If you’re just getting a water pipe for yourself to try it out, you don’t need to go too large. However, if you enjoy a group session, a larger bowl will go farther before it needs to be repacked.

Ice Pinch/Glycerin Coil
One of the main reasons that some users prefer water pipes is that the smoke they produce is much smoother, cooler, and easier to hit since it’s been filtered through the water in the pipe’s chamber.

Some water pipes, however, take cooling up a notch, and have ice pinches, or narrowed sections, at the bases of their chimneys. This enables users to drop ice cubes into the neck of the water pipe, which cools off the smoke even more.

Other water pipes have special features called glycerin coils that can hold a coolant that helps cool the smoke off even further.

If you enjoy a cool smoke, look for features such as those.

Splash Guards
No one wants any of that water in the chamber to get into their mouth. Some water pipes have uniquely curved necks or flared mouthpieces that serve as splash guards and help prevent water from getting into a user’s mouth.

Design and Material
Material is another consideration you need to make when you’re looking for a water pipe. As far as the bowl is concerned, it should be made from borosilicate glass, which is tougher than standard (soda-lime) glass, and has a lower coefficient of thermal expansions (it’s better when subjected to heat).

As for the water pipe itself, though, there are models made of glass, ceramic, acrylic, and even silicone. Some users prefer acrylic or silicone water pipes because they are less fragile.

Finally, keep the design in mind. They don’t call it heady glass for nothing. There are many uniquely styled water pipes out there that are elaborately or brightly decorated, or which feature unique designs. Get a high-quality water pipe that reflects your personality or interests!

The Final Step: Water Pipes Near You
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