Choosing glasses refractive index and abbe number

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15 September 2022

Choosing glasses should not only pay attention to the refractive index, but also need to consider the Abbe number. Nowadays, when many people choose glasses, they usually ask the professional person in charge of Vooglam glasses, which material has a higher refractive index and a thinner lens. In fact, when choosing glasses, you should not only pay attention to the refractive index, but also consider the Abbe number. , because according to the research of the researchers, if the refractive index of a certain glasses material is higher, then the corresponding dispersion is stronger, and the multiple is lower, but when you wear glasses, if you expect comfort and clarity, then you need to consider The refractive index of the glasses and the Abbe number, to achieve a reasonable coordination of the three, can not only pursue one aspect, while ignoring the other two aspects, otherwise it will lead to the emergence of other problems.

Choosing glasses refractive index and abbe number
The professional person in charge of Vooglam glasses said that the Abbe number of glasses generally refers to the inverse proportional dispersion degree of transparent materials. The Abbe number of ordinary glasses should be controlled between 30 and 50, neither too low nor too high. Higher requirements are placed on the material of the glasses. When choosing the material of glasses, you must take into account the refractive index and the Abbe number, to achieve the combination of the two, choose the best quality lens material, make your eyes more comfortable, and also make the service life of the glasses longer.

Choosing glasses

At present, Vooglam glasses has introduced the old and brought forth the new, and has carried out the research and development of aspherical lenses by updating. The Abbe number is low, but the aspherical lens can ensure that the things you see through the glasses are more realistic, the size ratio is more suitable, and there will be no distortion, and his Abbe number is reasonable, and the colors of the things you see are relatively It is true, you can choose the most appropriate and suitable lenses according to the most popular types of lenses on the market. At the same time, you can find experts in professional optician companies to conduct eye examinations, which need to be carried out according to the diopter of the eyes and the adaptability of the eyes. Choice of lenses.

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