Choosing the Right Bottle Or Container For Your Business Needs

Amidst the existing economic turmoil, all businesses and individuals have to be increasingly prudent and more efficient. If your company has bottle and other container needs, there are many evaluations that you might want to make before choosing the supplier that may best fulfill the particular requirements of your business.

The first key is to find a bottle and container supplier that is trustworthy and reliable, but also inexpensive and economical. Typically, you may get the best of both worlds using a wholesale glass bottle supplier that also ships nationwide and internationally. Generally, you are more prone to get excellent customer care from an inferior supplier that is based in one location than you are with a sizable corporation. Furthermore, by selecting a wholesale supplier that ships cases as well as larger quantities, you get more for your money and increase savings. Finally, besides selecting a bottle supplier that ships nationwide, make sure to investigate the shipping speed and return policy, both which are underlying factors that may affect the bottom line of your business.

The best bottle and container supplier will even provide your company with a number of shape, size, and color choices so that you do not have to modify suppliers if your requirements change. Like, your supplier should offer two of the most popular bottle shapes - Boston Round, and Bullet or Imperial Round - each which presents a unique unique benefits.

A Boston Round shaped bottle is easy-to-handle with a narrow mouth that is perfect for pouring liquids or solids with precision. Underneath the narrow mouth, rounded shoulders expand to a greater base that increases volume capacity and also offers greater stability. In sum, Boston Round bottles are versatile and provide great utility plus a classic look.

The Bullet is an alternative bottle shape that produces lots of sense when you have limited shelf space or need a bottle with a scaled-down size. A package shaped in the bullet style adds a sleek and professional look. Bullet shaped bottles are especially popular for cosmetic supplies, but may also be commonly used in other industries. This shape is often offered in numerous materials; Aluminum, PET and HPDE Plastic. There are many other names for the Bullet style, including Imperial Round, Princess Round, and Cosmo Round.


Besides bottles, there are many other container options to consider. Vials and jars are other choices an ideal container supplier should have in stock. Your supplier should offer an assortment of vials in addition to plastic jars, and glass jars. Also make sure that your supplier provides a wide selection of caps, droppers, pumps, and sprayers that may fit the bottles and/or containers that you purchase. When you yourself have to make use of more than one supplier because neither offers all of the products that you might want, not only can you pay more for shipping but you'll also take more time placing separate orders with two or more different companies.

Nick Swan has over 30 years' experience in the water supply industry and is Managing Director of The Bottle Depot, a Surrey based Office and Home Water Cooler company specialising in the South East with UK-wide delivery.

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