Chrome announces schedule for blocking of http content

Alex Alex 12 November 2019
Chrome announces schedule for blocking of http content

Google Chrome is blocking the http resources on a web page. This is to ensure that only secure content to be loaded. The Browser should be able to offer better protection and more privacy.

With the release of Chrome 79 in December 2019, will make Google a major step to block insecure content in the Browser. A main problem in the area of security and privacy while Surfing on websites, that can also be used to secure https-pages, the same time content is loaded, that have been added over insecure http Connections. So, for example, images, audio files or Videos. These mixed page content would put Google now step-by-step the latch. In this way, website owners have time to update your content on https. For the individual changes, the developers have now released a schedule.

the Default blocking in Chrome

In Chrome 79, there will be the possibility of a single page of content to unlock, even if they were classified as uncertain. This is true for all by default, the blocked content, such as Iframes. With Chrome 80 to be updated in the next step, Audio and video files to https. This should be on http been loaded, you will be blocked. Users have the option, this content continues to be manually unlock. In the last step, with the Version 81, will be applied the same approach to images. According to plan, this would be in February 2020 in the case. Sites that use mixed content are also classified as uncertain, and displayed when the HTML document is delivered over https. The website should be identified by Chrome as the sure need to be upgraded all content to https.

for More information about chrome's schedule and Block unsafe content, see the official Blog to.


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