Cloud Hosting is the perfect option for your business

Cloud Hosting is the perfect option for your business
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12 September 2022

With the new Google suggestions to rank high on the search engines, Cloud Hosting is the right choice for your business.

Your business is growing, and you need the space to store your files and keep your employees productive. But with the cost of dedicated space, you can’t afford to move your business to a new location. Instead, you turn to cloud hosting. With cloud hosting, you can store your files on the web and use it as a platform to build your business and let's get down to business and explore these amazing start-up options!

When you need to scale up your business, your options are limited. Traditional data centers are expensive to operate, and don't provide the same level of flexibility as cloud hosting. But with cloud hosting, you can scale up or down as your business needs require. And because cloud hosting is completely scalable, you get to keep more of your money when you reduce your monthly bill.

When it comes to your digital infrastructure, you need the right balance of performance and cost. On-premises hosting offers the security and stability you need, but it comes with higher costs, limited scalability, and limited flexibility. Cloud hosting is a better option for most businesses — it provides the performance you need, without the cost and complexity of managing your own infrastructure. The cloud provides you with the ability to scale your infrastructure as needed, without the need to manage servers and software.

Cloud hosting gives you the best of both worlds. The reliability and security of a physical location, with the flexibility and efficiency of a remote data center. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses that need their data to be secure and accessible on-demand, but don't have the budget to host their entire infrastructure in a data center. The advantages of cloud hosting include on-demand access to your data, lower costs and better flexibility than traditional hosting, all while being backed by the same industry-leading service and support.

Whether you need to scale up your current infrastructure or build a brand new data center, we have the solution you need. Our intelligent platform is designed to provide you with the performance, security, and availability you need to run your business. Our platform is scalable so you can build the infrastructure your business needs, without the need to worry about managing your data center. Our platform also offers robust security so your data is safe and accessible when you need it, and comes with a range of managed services for when you need to scale up without building a data center.

Cloud hosting offers the performance you need, without the cost and complexity of managing your own infrastructure. The advantages of cloud hosting include on-demand access to your data, lower costs and better flexibility than traditional hosting, all while being backed by the same industry-leading service and support. When you need to scale your business, you need to find a reliable and secure solution. That’s where we come in.

Raul, The Technology Savvy has a post that describes perfectly why Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution for your business.

Some of the benefits of cloud hosting are;

Increased Server Uptime

Your website’s performance is directly correlated to the server uptime. The system of interconnected servers ensures there is no single point of failure. If any server goes down or cannot take your request, another server from the cluster takes over by default keeping everything running smoothly. With  traditional hosting, however, any downtime or failure on your single server could result in extended downtime for your applications and website.

Cost- Efficiency

With cloud hosting, you do not have to worry about capital expenditure on infrastructure – providers handle that for you. Additionally, you only need to pay for the services and resources that you are actually using. In a traditional hosting model, however, you need to invest in infrastructure and also pay a fixed amount for services and resources regardless of whether you use them.

Increased Security

In the traditional hosting model, resources and CPU capacity on a single server are shared among multiple websites. Additionally, you need a private dedicated server to secure sensitive information which is costly.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, comes with an established infrastructure with multiple layer security; data, network, application and physical security. Cloud service providers also provide secure and encrypted solutions, backup recovery, firewalls, identity management and data isolation and storage segregation.

Scalability of Resources

Cloud hosting makes it incredibly easy to instantly allocate resources in accordance with the emerging needs of a website or application. You can add or reduce resources like storage, bandwidth, RAM etc. from the available resources in the cluster of servers.

A traditional hosting setup has rigid specifications and limited resources. You cannot instantaneously ramp up resources if the need arises.

Independence of Location

Traditional hosting servers are tied to a fixed location. For this reason, you need to choose a server that is fairly close to you so as not to compromise your website's loading speed.

Cloud hosting servers, on the other hand, are available and accessible via the internet and with any PC or mobile device, from any location around the world.

Increased Group Collaboration

Through cloud hosting, employees can access and work on the same documents or applications from any location around the world. This increases flexibility in work practices and productivity.

This feature is not feasible in traditional hosting.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The cloud hosting multi-server setup allows for data to be automatically backed up. This provides for a fast and easy disaster recovery feature.

In the single-server setup of traditional hosting, disaster recovery is not feasible as there is only one server that hosts your data and applications. For disaster recovery, you need to make special arrangements for backup.

Latest Technology

Cloud hosting takes advantage of the latest technologies. You can automatically integrate and customize your software applications based on your business’ needs and preferences. This includes software versions, server upgrades and processing power.

Traditional hosting does not allow you to automatically customize or upgrade.

You can read about Cloudways, one of the best cloud hosting providers out there.



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