Common Esports Abbreviations

Common Esports Abbreviations
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Sports vocabulary is rich in its own unique terms. Abbreviations hold a special place among them. Esports isn’t an exception: not only gaming words are abbreviated here. Abbreviations are used for tournament organizers, competitions or matches. You can explore relevant meetings and esports news following We are going to explain the main abbreviation further on.

Abbreviations for tournament organizers

Tournament operators in charge of holding tournaments tend to have shortened names. It’s convenient for them, spectators and teams. For example, we can highlight the following TO:

  1. ESL - Electronic Sports League;

  2. PGL - Professional Gamers League;

  3. WESG - World Electronic Sports Games;

  4. EEE - Epic Esports Events;

  5. BTS - Beyond The Summit.

The first three organizers are always called in short. Many people don’t even have any clue what these letters stand for. EEE and BTS are often called in a full name because they keep their it in the names of their tournaments. The first held Epicenter in Moscow, and the second just adds a number giving names to its competitions in series.

Abbreviations in the names of tournaments

Just like tournament operators, the competitions themselves are often abbreviated as well. The purpose is the same. To exemplify, here are the following competitions:

  • IEM - Intel Extreme Masters;

  • TI - The International;

  • WCG - World Cyber Games;

  • ESWC - Electronic Sports World Cup;

  • FPL - FACEIT Pro League;

  • ECS - Esports Championship.

Names of tournaments and their organizers coincide. This is what ESL does by adding cities that are going to hold events to the names. Such shortenings aim at CS:GO competitions. In Dota 2, it is usually done with The International, and majors have longer names.

Abbreviations in organization and holding matches

Unlike traditional kinds of sport, esports tournaments are held by different from each other rules. They are usually made by organizers of competitions that choose the format and the system of meetings. That’s why lots of people get confused thinking that a won map means a won match.

You should learn the following variations:

  • BO1 - The best in one map. To get a victory, you have to get one more win;

  • BO2 - The best in two maps. you have to win twice, otherwise it will end up with a draw;

  • BO3 - The best in three maps. Here you can win two maps and therefore win the whole meeting. In case of a draw, contestants play a third round to define the winner;

  • GSL - A system for groups of four teams where contestants have to win two consecutive times to proceed.


In esports, there are lots of shortenings that are clear to gaming fans but are confusing for regular spectators. You should deal with the main abbreviations in tournaments before you start watching virtual competitions.

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