Common language with Artificial Intelligence: Gem4me users master ChatGPT

Common language with Artificial Intelligence: Gem4me users master ChatGPT

The future always comes imperceptibly. First theory turns into reality and then gradually becomes an ordinary thing. This has been the case with all technologies without exception. Neural networks will evolve in the same way. So far, we are seeing the first wave of mass interest in artificial intelligence. And with the emergence of the GhatGPT neural network blog on the Gem4me platform, many people have shown interest in communicating with AI.

Is the neural network a helper or an enemy?

The discussion about neural networks and artificial intelligence has always been associated with debates on the benefits and dangers of this invention. And usually people are divided into two groups - some believe that this invention will eventually become fatal for humanity and its potential threats greatly exceed the benefits, while others are confident that it is the inevitable next step of evolution, which will lead to new discoveries and achievements. Surprisingly, such disagreement exists even among scientists. However, the more information is released and the better people learn about the nature of this phenomenon, the more positive assessments the neural networks get. Recently, a group of researchers even published a manifesto stating that their development will make new scientific discoveries.

ChatGPT blog in Gem4me 

The developers of Gem4me offered their users an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from ChatGPT for free on the ChatGPT channel. With this channel, you can chat with the neural network and understand whether you're interested in it and want to continue applying it in the future.


Judging by the fact that the number of chat users is steadily growing, and the questions are getting more diverse, this format has turned out to be in high demand. Today we regularly contact robots in our daily lives and we should be prepared to interact with AI more and more often. And communication with ChatGPT via a common messenger can help people who have concerns or little idea of how the neural network works to learn how to express their requests in a familiar interface.

Frequently asked questions to the neural network

The questions that Gem4me neural network users most often ask ChatGPT can be classified into several groups. First, they are questions about nature, animals, and the world around us. Their popularity is easy to explain - everyone wants to know the opinion of the artificial intelligence about what has been around for millions of years, while we still haven't found all the answers and haven't solved all the mysteries.

Questions on psychological matters are also common. Users wonder how to properly conduct business meetings, communicate, achieve their goals. It is interesting that people want answers to these questions from AI rather than from a psychologist. 

Questions about business and entrepreneurship are also among the popular ones. The wish to know information from the future before anyone else can explain questions on financial forecasts. And sometimes neural networks are approached as a financial advisor with direct questions about where one should invest money and whether one can trust a certain organization.

Here is an example of ChatGPT question and answer:

Common language with Artificial Intelligence: Gem4me users master ChatGPT

Common language with Artificial Intelligence: Gem4me users master ChatGPT

The first results of communication

From the experience of communicating with the neural network on ChatGPT channel, it can be concluded that this format suits many users. That's why they chat with the AI via Gem4me platform. Most of the questions find simple and clear answers. But we can also note the mistakes the users often make when addressing ChatGPT.  For example, when they try to ask overly personalized questions that only concern them. The neural network is a tool that generates answers based on data from public sources, and this information will not be enough to answer a very private question.

Compared to the answers of ordinary people to similar questions, there are several fundamental differences in the answers of the neural network. It is difficult for artificial intelligence to go deep into reasoning if it requires personal conclusions or its own evaluation. But there is an advantage in this approach. You can always get information based on the most common opinion in society.

The more interest the artificial intelligence provokes, the more experience the neural network will have with communication. And in some time it will be almost impossible to distinguish answers of the AI from those of a human.

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