Cool Tech Under $50

Cool Tech Under $50
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10 February 2020

In this article we will review the best tech you can find under $50. Starting off real quick getting the more boring thing out of the way, so we can move on. But as always the boring thing is going to have a twist.

So, everyone familiar with a wireless charger by now. You know obviously when charging dock look like this, Charging Dock/Qi Bank

Cool Tech Under $50You set your phone up against it and it'll charge for you, but what about one that can actually come apart and act as a separate wireless battery bank. The battery bank itself connect to the dock but when you take it off  it its own separate charger.

Cool Tech Under $50

It's 5,000 milliamp hours and has USB port plus a USB  type-C port, so you can use it wired. But again the beauty of a wireless charger like this is the fact that you don't need wires. It's a wireless battery bank, so put them together in your pocket and you can charge you phone anywhere without wires. Again, an interesting kind of take on a traditional charger. Thought it was pretty cool. I picked this one up for $20

Next is a brand-new Mouse from steel series. This is a rival three a $30 lightweight gaming mouse. SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Cool Tech Under $50It comes in at 77 grams so it's really cool to see if they can accomplish something like this for a very affordable price and it doesn't have holes in the shell. So for those who looking to pick up a new gaming mouse on a budget this is definitely a good option. I'm really impressed with it. It's an all matte black body it's got three zones of RGB lighting. Their true move sensor goes from 100 to 8500 CPI and has onboard storage you could save those levels on the mouse. For what it is at this price it is phenomenal. For anybody looking to save some money on a gaming mouse. 

Next up is definitely going to be a popular item that's a Divoom Pixoo.

Cool Tech Under $50It's a multi use smart display, you could either choose to hang it up like a picture or you could prop it down on your desktop. It has a little stain on the back as well, but you could display a ton of things on the actual display here. You can do things, like show obviously the time acting like a clock, it could simulate the weather outside, it could be a calendar for you. Once you download the app there are probably over thousands and thousands of different animations and little visual things you can add.

Tons of different effects from music visualizers. You can make your own effects, you can use this to show text, countdown, stopwatch, alarm. You can even have it show your notifications from like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, text messages, all that stuff. But the gallery in the app is extremely expensive. People are constantly making new effects and new visuals every single day and uploading them. There's even a little like mini games you could choose to play on here, if you want. But the fact that there are so many use cases and integrations with the app that you could choose to display on. Here is reason why I think it's a really cool pick up. I feel like these LED desk gadgets do really well. 

Next is a brand-new gadget from Sony for your PS4 controller. This is something really cool and I'm happy if they actually put something official out like this,  Back Button Attachment

Cool Tech Under $50Little module itself is pretty compact it snaps right on to the actual bottom of your controller and locks into place there and you have two tactile buttons acting like those two back paddles now. And you can configure them to me whatever you want. The OLED screen there is also a third button and that's how you pretty much configure everything, tapping on it. You can go through the four different profiles that are saved here and then you can just remap whatever you want those two back buttons to be. It's very simple and very easy to use. For FPS game I like using one for reloading my weapon and the other for like sliding or jumping depending on what the game is, so I don't take my thumbs off the thumb sticks. And for racing games you can use this for a life shifting or your handbrake. It's a great way to remap them, so they're just right there for you. Very easy to press, they're nice and tactile buttons too. And for those who use a headset, you don't lose out functionality at all, because there's actually a built-in headphone jack on the bottom of the device, so definitely happy they thought of that.

This might be giving us a little sneak peek at what the PS 5 controller might be like. You know, having like a screen and these side buttons integrated naturally. But all together it is still very small and compact. Doesn't take up much space in the bulk on the bottom and now you have the ease of use of remapping buttons and having the OLED screen there, so you can see what profile you on and what buttons you're on as well.

Lastly for number 5 I like to show off different things. This one's definitely pretty unique. This is a mini handheld espresso maker, Minipresso GR

Cool Tech Under $50It's called the Minipresso GR. This isn't made to replace your espresso maker or your coffee pot and stuff like that, but a travel or espresso maker on the go. If you're camping, this will be clutch, if you're going on trips, this will be clutch. Everything you need actually comes in the capsule itself, from the actual scooper to an integrated Cup, which just comes off on the top.

Cool Tech Under $50The instructions might be pretty intimidating at first, but once you do it a few times you get the hang on it, is very simple. The piston just pops out, so you hand pump it a few times to get the water going and then it'll go through. All you have to do is just pour in hot water and you're good to go. Pump this thing, and now you got some espresso. So I understand this is not going to be for everybody, you know I get that, but I thought it was really cool.

I'm definitely gonna use it as well and I'm sure some people out there could appreciate it. It's come with different models for different prices and stuff, bigger sizes, different colors and all that. But again, I feel  this would be really cool if you're going in a long car ride and you'd want to bring coffee with. You put water in this when you get to work, when you get to class pump your coffee and you're good to go. This model comes in that just around 50, I believe it was 45 when I got it, but again different models, color, sizes that stuff. A mini espresso maker right in your hand and guys. 

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