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01 September 2022

Chong Ling listened to Li Yunsheng's words a shock all over this moment he made up his mind Verse 179 cut the Gordian knot Lian Yun had already received a phone call from Captain Jiang He heard that the imperial envoy was coming Anyway when the sky fell down there was a tall man Without telling Zongquan he went to the gate of the Public Security Bureau and waited Because just after the meeting send away Weiping and his party Zongquan and others are still smoking and chatting in the lounge Tang Lianyun went down he did not pay attention Tang Lianyun's face has been bad Zongquan did not want to touch this bad luck intentionally or unintentionally always hide away from Tang Lianyuan When he heard the noise outside he went to the window and looked down and his face changed As the deputy secretary of the political and legal committee of the county party committee Zong Quan was very familiar with several leaders of the provincial department and knew their car numbers like the palm of his hand When he saw such a huge motorcade coming his face immediately became very ugly He muttered to Deputy Director Fang beside him "What do they want to do!" "You're not going to occupy the Public Packaging & Printing Security Bureau" Several people got out of the car Zong Quan only knew Mu Ting Seeing him following a strange man of about thirty years old Zong Quan asked Fang Ming beside him "Do you know that man" Fang Ming shook his head "I don't know him He doesn't seem to be from the provincial department Is he from the capital" "The capital" Did the Ministry of Public Security send someone down so soon What are you doing with so many people When he saw dozens of men in civilian clothes with live ammunition coming down from Iveco Zongquan could not stay any longer and hurried downstairs to meet them Fang Ming slowly followed out but did not follow Zongquan downstairs but went into the bathroom saw no one around took out his cell phone Some policemen on duty in the courtyard were stunned when they saw the huge group of people When the dozens of tough men came down from Iveco the onlookers held their breath Damn it Why are these people so murderous! There's not gonna be some killer that's gonna take down this building is there When Zongquan came up Tang Lianyun did not introduce the two sides but ordered Zongquan "Send someone to arrange the accommodation for the guests immediately just in the county hotel vacate all the county hotels arrange another place for the guests inside and the government will reimburse them" All the hotels in the county should be cleared After sending Zongquan away Tang Lianyun said to Director Chen "Prepare the conference room as soon as possible" Take out all the files related to 728 items Get all the witnesses and exhibits ready You can let go of this case Ding Wen said to Tang Lianyun Secretary Tang Take my men to the jail where the suspects are kept My men will keep them under close control Replace all the policemen in the station on duty Do special things at special times Nothing more can happen Inform everyone in the Bureau that they are not allowed to go out without special reasons They are only allowed to enter but not to leave Anyone who wants to go out will come to me to ask for leave Ding Wen sat down in the conference room China Suppliers Mu Ting and Deputy Director Zhuge sat on his left and right while some experts from the Ministry of Security the Provincial Security Bureau and the Provincial Department sat on both sides opposite Tang Lianyun Zongquan Director Chen and Deputy Director Fang Captain Jiang and Liu Shan both sat at the end of the table There were many people sitting in the back row and almost all the business leaders of the Public Security Bureau attended the meeting Mu Ting presided over the meeting and said "Let me introduce you This is Deputy Director Ding of the Ministry of State Security This is Deputy Director Zhuge of the Provincial Security Bureau I am Mu Ying You may only be familiar with me" Zong Quan frowned What are the people from the Ministry of Security doing here It's just a gang fight Even if the provincial department is alarmed how can the people of the Ministry of Security also be alarmed Fang Ming gave a sudden shock and he had already guessed that this group of people had a big background But I never thought it was someone from the Ministry of Security Like Zong Quan he couldn't understand why the security services were involved Only Director Chen and Captain Jiang knew that these people came for Li Chang The case of gathering people to fight with weapons could not attract these big men After they knew Li Chang's identity in Xinzhou last time they had been burying it in their hearts No one said anything They are more curious about Li Chang's identity If it's just an ordinary staff member of the security department It's not worth fighting so hard for him After a brief introduction of the staff Mu Hall gave Ding Wen the chair of the meeting Ding Wen also said very briefly "The case is important" I won't talk nonsense The 728 cases are serious in nature and complicated in case Entrusted by the Ministry of State Security I came to Changning County to take over the investigation of 728 cases in an all-round way As soon as this remark was made everyone was in an uproar and began to talk about Business Travel Services it one after another The Public Security Bureau has solved so many cases big and small for so many years but it has never allowed people from the security department to intervene in the case To put it bluntly the 728 case is just a gang fight Although more people have died it will not alarm the Ministry of Security and it will take over the case in an all-round way Tang Lianyun looked as usual but Zongquan's face became even more ugly He was very reluctant to let the people of the Ministry of Security take over the case However he had no way out Although Director Chen had already had the psychological preparation listened to Ding Wen's words in the heart is not the taste this showed clearly to the public security Bureau's person and the ability to solve a case does not trust Director Chen saw that all his subordinates cast their eyes on him coughed twice and organized the wording in his heart but his eyes turned to Mu Hall for help Mu Ting did not embarrass Director Chen too much He knocked on the table and said sternly "Quiet please be quiet" Deputy Director Ding of the Ministry of Security took over the investigation of 728 cases in an all-round way which was the decision of the superior leaders I was assigned by the provincial department to accompany him this time in order to fully cooperate with the work of Bureau Ding Please carry out the order to the letter If anyone dares to prevaricate and conceal wrangle and play football and perfunctory in the course of work don't blame me for being rude Mu Hall had spoken to such an extent that the conference room buzzing like a bee suddenly quieted down and no one wanted to be the first fool to hit the muzzle These people are old policemen for many years and naturally know that since the security department has intervened the essence of this matter has changed it is not an ordinary criminal or public security case and the fate of all the people involved is beyond their control Even his own fate is in a precarious situation

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