Could Google surpass Apple in the phone market?

Could Google surpass Apple in the phone market?
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29 November 2022

Google is quite clearly one of the biggest tech companies in the world and they have built up an empire of its own from being the best search engine fighting off a lot of competition in the early days of the internet. Now they are branching out into many different entities and one of them has been the mobile phone industry.

They might be fairly new players in the market compared with Sony and Samsung but there is one company they would love to knock off their perch and that is Apple. Apple are the biggest mobile phone company in the world and they top the list for sales. In 2021, sales were recorded at $365.817 billion which is $125 billion more than the next nearest rival Samsung.

So is it realistic to think that Google could replace Apple or is it just a pipe dream?

A quick history of the Pixel

The Google Pixel is the only phone that Google produce but they have been improving every single time they have released their phone since the first one landed in 2016. Since then Google have released 7 more phones in the series with some modifications such as the XL version which is the more expensive one or the A version which is for people who are on a budget.However, each phone that Google produce has never cut corners and they have left their users incredibly satisfied. This has certainly been the case since the Google Pixel 5 was released and users have recommended it as a much cheaper but all-rounded alternative to Samsung and more importantly Apple.

The latest Pixel

The Pixel 7 has received great reviews since its release earlier in 2022 with people mainly commenting on how good the camera (50MP + 12MP ultrawide, 10.8MP selfie) is and more importantly how affordable it is. The Google Pixel 7 takes what the top phones has but seriously undercuts its rivals in price. When it first landed it was priced at $599 whereas the iPhone 14 was $799 and do you really get much more with the iPhone as opposed to the Pixel?

For the extra $200 you would have to look at a forex brokers list to help you get that disposable income if you wanted to spend more on an Apple product. However, Google is more than capable of meeting your mobile phone needs so save that money from using forex brokers and spend it on more Google products like the new Pixel watch!

Will Google actually be able to convince customers to switch?

People do not like change and they like what they like. It is hard to break comfortability but a Google phone really good do that for a user. The phone handsets are easy to use, responsive and incredibly clear to see. Match that with a superb camera and the feature to remove things out of the picture it really does make a Pixel a desirable option for phone users.

However, Apple will always have that cool factor about them that makes people want to either stick with the company or make their first purchase with the Californian-based company.

With Google struggling to break into the top ten sales of any company they may have a way to go but with the Pixel 7 leading the way in 2022 for Google they really could be closing in on the top spot very soon.

It might be a few years off before they are held in the same esteem as Apple, Samsung have been trying that for over 10 years now, but Google certainly has the capability to be up there with Apple.

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