Country offered: New Multiplayer Game for programmers and all those who want to be

Alex Alex 03 January 2020
Country offered: New Multiplayer Game for programmers and all those who want to be

The free Online game Offered the country combines the automation of robots with virtual Fight in multiplayer mode against real opponents. Victory and defeat, the written Scripts of the players.

Scripts for combat robots, write and in multiplayer mode against other players? No less the Online promises to be game of the country Offered. The objective: By means of a previously programmed robots (with names like Botty McBotface or Rocket Botboa) defeat the either human or computer-controlled opponents in the Arena in the Last-Man-Standing principle. A variety of upgradeable weapons, strategies, and movement patterns are available.

Bot country: program for the robot

Offered Land is free and has no In-App payments. The written in JavaScript the game is a project of the developer, Adam Damiano – the announced even his Job as a programmer. Four years of development time has brought the game to where it is today. It comes without a Game Engine, but has been completely created with technologies such as Node.js, MySQL and Redux/React.

Bot Land

Screenshot (

What is Offered Land of similar Games is different, are the easy entry and the opportunity to play it even without programming knowledge. The Option of the visual Script creation using simple Drag-and-provides-Drop.

The individual robots (Bots) can be automated in this way, simple. Motion sequences and individual actions, such as the protection shields to all the battle strategies that must be adapted to the respective opponent.

Bot 2

Screenshot (

Released Once in the Arena, execute all the robot commands to the bitter end. A distinction is made between campaigns against the Computer opponent, and virtual battles against human opponents. Victories and progress will be rewarded with coins – the Botcoins. With continued success, the Bots can be upgraded to stronger and is also visually more and more developed

to be Played in the country Offered both in the Browser as well as in the App, the on Steam, Google Play, the Apple Store, and can be downloaded.

More information about this project can be found on GitHub to.



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