Couple Reconciliation in The Bible

Couple Reconciliation in The Bible

Statistics don't lie; one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Fortunately for you, those stats need not apply to your situation. If you or your partner have considered filing for divorce, or if the paperwork for divorce  couple reconciliation in the bible has already been filed, it is still not too late to stop your divorce and save your relationship. As long as you have yet to sign on the dotted line, thus making the divorce final, there is every reason to believe you can still stop the divorce altogether.

First off, you need to know that statistics also point to the fact that, the earlier a divorce can be stopped, the better the chance it will not happen later on. That being said, it is also a known fact that, in order to stop divorce and save your relationship, you will need to take the blame as to why it is happening in the first place. This shifts the blame to you and your partner, giving them some room to breathe.

Just keep in mind, begging or pleading with the other person to give the relationship another chance is not the best way to go about it. You will have to remain calm and show them you are in control of your emotions, otherwise, you just may convince them to go through with the divorce.

Many times, it is in the heat of the moment that we demand a divorce. If that is the case with you, by staying calm and mature toward your mate, you will begin to convince them you aren't kidding when you say you want another chance. Explain that you were hurt and the way you went about showing that hurt was wrong. By letting them know you were wrong in the way you behaved in wanting a divorce will go a long way in convincing them to give the relationship another chance.

Another approach to stopping divorce is to suggest marriage counseling, especially if you let your partner know that it is primarily for you; that you want to save the marriage by finding out what you are doing wrong within the relationship. Then, after the counseling has begun, the counselor will be able to help both of you come to grips with each other's shortcomings.


While in counseling, do not under any circumstances point out their faults during the sessions. Focus on restoring the relationship so you can stop the divorce from going through. Do what you can to bring to mind the pleasant times you shared together, as a way to heal the wounds. There was a time when you truly loved one another; do what you can to rekindle those memories. This will also show them you are sincere in stopping the divorce permanently.

Through all your efforts to stop the divorce and save your marriage, keep in mind that, if you don't stay on track in rebuilding the relationship and making it stronger, the statistics will come into play once again. Many times, even though divorce has been stopped because the couple allowed old hurts or differences to resurface, the divorce proceedings began all over again. It is vital to remember this and always be on guard by making sure you both commit to making the best of it and, instead of allowing the relationship to become bitter, you promise to make it better.

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