Couples Advice: How To Rescue A Failing Relationship With Your Partner

Couples Advice: How To Rescue A Failing Relationship With Your Partner

Have you ever heard of the phrase "no relationship is perfect"? If you're just hearing this for the first time, you need to keep in mind that there's no such thing as a perfect relationship. Issues are inevitable for couples. This explains why it's always advisable to prepare for both the good and ugly sides after marriage.

So, you've been married for some time but your relationship is currently failing? In this case, all you need is to find the best possible ways to make things work out between you and your partner. The rest of this post will focus on sharing with you a few tricks and tips on how to rescue your failing relationship.

When exactly do relationships start failing for couples?

Today, a lot of factors can contribute to a failing marriage relationship between couples. The most common causes include:

  • Breach of trust
  • Long distance due to certain reasons
  • Big fight
  • Lack of feelings anymore

Well, irrespective of why you're experiencing a failing marriage, the good news is there are many ways you can rebuild a healthy relationship with your partner. Let's take the common causes one at a time and see how to resolve the issues:

1.   Are you currently experiencing a breach of trust?

One factor that could easily affect a healthy relationship is "lack of trust". You trusted your partner; that was why you agreed to marry them. So, the question is; why the sudden lack of trust?


  • First, you need to understand how the issue started. Are you at fault? If yes, then all you need is to take full responsibility for everything that has happened. While owning up to your deeds, you should avoid justifying your actions. Also, you need to avoid blaming other people for what happened.
  • If your partner is at fault, you have every right to be angry. But you don't need to allow your anger to prevent you from giving your partner the ability to earn your trust back.
  • Consider visiting a therapist if you're having a hard time forgiving your partner. Professional help will certainly go a long way in helping you heal and rebuild trust.

2.   Are you in a long-distance relationship

Couples need to understand that being far apart for a long period can cause issues in a relationship. In this case, both parties have to put in more effort to keep the relationship working.

  • First, you need to discuss with your partner to understand what the expectations are. Of course, you need to be honest when setting your expectations. This way, you can expect things to work out exactly as you expect.
  • Regular planned visits will also go a long way to make things work out in a long-distance relationship.
  • If regular visits don't work for you, another thing you can do is to set the dates up online. In this case, you need to do live video chats. Keep the chats active while you get involved in different activities together. For instance, you can decide to cook or play games together.

3.   Big fights

Are you living with your partner and currently having a big fight? This issue can also result in a failing relationship, especially if care isn't taken quickly.

In case of a big fight, you need to avoid unhealthy arguments.

Instead, you need to wait until your tempers calm down before giving each other space to communicate. Listening while your partner communicates their point of view will go a long way in rescuing your failing relationship.

1.   Feelings are no longer there?

Are you both not feeling each other again? Well, you can also work things out in this case.

  • First, you need to identify the cause of this issue.
  • Work on the upside of your relationship, not the bad side.
  • Going on a fun date with your partner can also help you rebuild a healthy relationship.
  • Be grateful for the little things that happen in your relationship. Saying "thank you" for these things can help you achieve a very strong relationship.
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