Cover the sky

Ye Fan is frightened, the top holy Lord is really deep, higher than others by a large margin! Just now, he saw with his own eyes the fierce power of the ancient creature, and tore up the two half-step powers, but he was killed by the Holy Lord of the Ji family. With a loud roar, another ancient creature pounced on him. The lower part of his body was a snake, covered with purple scales. The upper part of his body had three heads and six arms. He shook his six arms, smashed the void, and made a black hole to devour the Lord of the Ji family. Boom. A big foot into the black hole, the collapse of the shock, disappeared in the air, Ji family holy Lord black flying, big hand out, the ancient creature was beaten apart, blood spattered. This is the supreme holy Lord. It is not difficult to destroy the general power. Although it is in the same secret place, there is only a difference between heaven and earth! The big black dog shivered. The dead dog has a chessboard pattern. Let's get out of here! Ye Fan does not want to stay for a moment, here is like the gate of hell, the devil keeps rushing out. These ancient creatures are so terrible that they dare to eat even half a step, and the place is red with blood. Wait a little longer, maybe there will be a big harvest! The big black dog made the mistake of greed again, staring at the large Shenyuan in Wanlong's nest and wiping his saliva. Ah On the other side, some Taishang elders were breaking through, but they were killed by more than a dozen ancient creatures, blood spattered everywhere, and white bones rushed out. A lot of people were scattered alive, bones and brains splashed everywhere,wire nail machine manufacturers, this is simply Shura field, extremely bloody and horrible. Boom! The divine fire was so brilliant that it poured down and flooded the road ahead. The Lord of the Jiang Clan made a move and hung a divine furnace over his head. When the lid was opened, the fire fell like a galaxy. Several powerful ancient creatures screamed, two of them were burned to ashes, and the other three were left behind by the God's light cover, and their bodies cracked and died in the passage. Open the domain door! Some people drink, the situation is too critical, we must leave quickly, otherwise it may be destroyed here. Someone had already taken out Xuanyutai, but there was no chance to open the array,High Speed Nail Making Machine, because there was a very powerful existence to destroy all this. He is as heroic as a God, enveloped by the divine ring, purple long blocked most of the face, can only see a pair of purple eyes, as sharp as a knife. He had no arms, only a pair of golden divine wings, which seemed to be made of divine gold. His lower body was a snake body, more than ten meters long, with golden scales flashing. He flew in the air, exceeding lightning. Roar! This ancient creature is only a loud roar, let all Xuanyutai become a powder, will be destroyed by invisible killing. "His release of Qi was extremely frightening, and several Taishang elders of the Wind Clan joined forces to fight against him, but they were all pressed by him and could hardly move." Bang! He shot to the front, the flame towering, the elders on the spot burst, will be turned into blood mud, fell on the spot. Hum The Lord of the Wind Clan shot, his eyes were cold, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, black and messy, his majestic body shot out endless murderous look, and there was a Eight Diagrams map hanging on his head, which covered him down. Boom. Terrible confrontation, he fought against this ancient creature like a God, fought fiercely, and many dragon caves collapsed. Next to them, some of the Terran's supreme elders, as well as some ancient creatures, will be destroyed in both form and spirit. Once involved, they will be swallowed up by the black hole they hit. Everyone was breaking through, but on the loop, side by side, three powerful ancient creatures blocked the way, all shining all over the body. Shaking light holy Lord, ancient China emperor uncle, Nanling war king, all shoot dragon-shaped blood light, spirit surging, and that ancient creature life-and-death battle. Black ancient tripod, golden halberd, green ancient pagoda, out of the towering power fluctuations, shattering the void, but can not let the collapse of the dragon nest, can not open up a road. The three-headed ancient creatures, like gods, dropped thousands of silk sashes, and there were strands of chaotic gas, which shattered the half-step great energy of several people who wanted to come to help on the spot! "Roar.." With another loud roar, a powerful Archaean rushed out, covered with purple scales, blinking like a purple lightning. Poof! As soon as he rushed past, he smashed the seven Taishang elders of Zifu, Wanchu and Jiang's family one after another. The meat and bone dregs were cheap and bloody. "Boom" At the same time, the Xuanyu platforms were shattered again, and the void was imprisoned. He rushed to the fierce battlefield to help the three ancient creatures like gods. Poof! A black hole appeared between his eyebrows, recording a large piece of flesh and blood from the body of the Lord of Shaking Light, almost cutting off his right arm. This is an extremely overbearing Archaean creature, which has begun to take human form, with purple scales shining and dazzling all over its body, and is surrounded by eighty-one thick dragon gas. Dead dog, what are you delaying? Why don't you go? Ye Fan urged anxiously. At this time, the war was very fierce, there were many pieces of meat and bloodshot bone stubble on the ground, and many strongmen died. "Monkey, you and they are ancient creatures. You can't get out and slip in. Come out with some fairy treasures." The big black dog goads. Fuck Ye Fan can't help but want to curse, this dead dog is too good, what time is still thinking about the God of Wanlong Nest. Dou Zhan Saint Ape also wants to beat it to death, dead bodies into pieces, strong people constantly fall, this big dog is still playing this kind of crooked idea, how greedy it must be! "Don't pay attention to it and go at once!" Ye Fan couldn't help grinding his teeth and wanted to eat it raw. Now is a golden opportunity, so many saints and all the heroes are fighting against the ancient creatures of Wanlong Nest. The big black dog stared into the depths with his eyes on fire. Damn it, don't even think about it. Hurry up and carve a chessboard pattern for me! Ye Fan could hardly help kicking it. All the ancient creatures that can come out have come out, only the king is sleeping, and he won't wake up for a while! "The big black dog's breath is flowing out." Ah A great power fell, the younger brother of the Lord of Shaking Light, a generation of top figures was cut in half by a golden strong creature. Click! His head was patted into paste,Iron Nail Making Machine, the mind did not have time to rush out of the fly ash, everyone was shocked, the great man fell! This golden creature is almost identical to a human except for its golden scales and a crocodile tail.

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