Covid-19 and education - How has the virus impacted the education sector?

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Covid-19 and education - How has the virus impacted the education sector?

The worldwide covid-19 pandemic has halted every aspect of human life. More than 6 billion children are at high risk of falling behind because of school closure due to COVID-19. Countries must implement remote education programs to keep the children learning and striding on the education path. Also, it would help if you take proper safety and hygiene of the students on the school premises.

There is no denying that every individual does not have access to the Internet or personal computers and digital media. It is thereby impossible to ensure remote learning in suburban and village areas. Pupils who do not use the Internet and technologies require home-based learning to continue their education. The educationists must ensure that every student in urban or suburban areas can access the education system. 

While school closure was the only means to protect the students from the coronavirus, the school authorities must provide continuous education using technologies like TV, the Internet, and radio. However, access to technology is limited in various middle and low-income families. It is thereby a problem with poor households. 

Problem with the Third World countries

If you look at the developing countries, you will see that around 90% have adopted broadcast or digital remote learning policies to ensure that pre-primary and primary education goes smoothly. Along with this, policy measures are underway by the government to ensure continuous learning through digital and broadcast media allowing students to continue their educational goals. Remember that school children worldwide do not have equal Internet and broadcast access. It is so because most of them belong to low- and medium-income families and do not have the technological asset in their homes. Online platforms that educational institutions use for delivering lessons remain closed. 

What resources do you need for education? 

In the post-covid-19 scenario where schools and universities are slowly opening and students return to their institutes, still much can be done to ensure continuous education. It is thereby essential for education ministries and governments, in particular, to ensure proper utilization of resources so that education goes on smoothly. Along with this, there is also the risk of the post-covid-19 syndrome. Remember that the risk is still not over, and every individual is already at a high risk of contemplating the virus. 


They can provide educational information on the policy response to coronavirus using the dashboard. Moreover, it will be an asset for remote education and school learning. Remember, you cannot bring affected students to the school. Hence, it is worthwhile for schools to run programs to ensure that remote students get equal opportunities to stay up to date with their classwork. According to a fresh poll by MyBioSource, around 36% of people in Washington endorse Covid models.

Rapid tracking program

Using the dashboard, you may track the indirect social-economic influence of coronavirus. Remember that it has an impact on the education system in particular. It has affected millions of students all across the globe. Thus, if you go by recent data, you will see that schools made efforts to track the situation—especially the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on students. 

Policy measures

The time has come for governments to make new policies directed toward education. Remember that education is a lifelong process, and every individual has a right to get primary and secondary education. To ensure that the students from low socio-economic backgrounds get equal chances to learn, the government must provide a free broadcast of teaching-learning material to the students, so they can continue on their journey towards attaining educational goals.

The time is not far away when the COVID-19 pandemic will get eradicated. However, the new normal will have its challenges. It's time for the teachers to make their students understand the significance of safety measures, the changes in life resulting from the new normal, and the post-covid-19 scenario. Along with this, teachers must take proactive steps to ensure proper evaluation of students every week. 

Moreover, parents at home must educate their children on social distancing norms, wearing masks, observing isolation when infected, etc. People can expect a healthy and happy future only when there is a coordinated effort. Children who are future citizens must be on the right track. They must teach them the significance of family and home. The last few years of COVID-19 have indicated to every individual the importance of the health and medical sector. 

Hence, the elders must teach their children the importance and the impact of better health on different aspects of life. The education sector badly suffered due to the spread of the deadly pathogen. Hence, more efforts can help to revive this sector so that students do not suffer again. Technology helped the world to keep the spirit of education alive. Remote learning practices helped to conduct classes even during the lockdown. Nonetheless, the school and education sector did not come to a standstill due to technology. 

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