Craft Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging That Is Unique And Attractive

Craft Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging That Is Unique And Attractive

Vapes are the new in thing and is very popular among youngsters specially. These are electronic cigarettes that help smokers taper off their use of regular cigarettes. So, vapes are in high demand and therefore, many manufacturers are launching these products in the market. 

With the increased demand and inflow of vapes in the market, you need to make your products stand out among competitors. For this, you have to make them look appealing and impressive to the customers. This can be done by packing and displaying your products in attractively crafted vape cartridge packaging. 

Your custom made wholesale boxes will look amazing and instantly grab attention of the customers. You have a variety of options when you are willing to customize your cart packaging. There are multiple options in packaging materials, printing techniques, color models, exciting add-ons and finishing coats to craft your custom vape cartridge packaging and make your products look the most attractive in retail shelves.

So, let’s have a look at what options you can avail to craft vape cartridge packaging right according to your choice and brand needs. 

Selecting Packaging Materials To Craft Vape Cartridge Packaging

Craft Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging That Is Unique And Attractive

Picking a packaging material can be a crucial step while crafting a vape cart packaging. The final look of your vape cartridge boxes, their finishing and durability all depends on the packaging material that you pick. So, you can go for a sturdy box if you need to ship your products or you can pick a highly customizable material that looks great on a display counter.

So, here are the options that you can pick from:

Corrugated Material:

It is a sturdy and light weight material that is perfect for shipping products over long distances. The corrugated material is composed of cellulose and consists of three sheets. The upper and lower sheet is plain while the center layer has flutes that provide protection against external pressure and protect the products from getting damaged. 

You can customize the corrugated boxes in your choice of shape, size and style. 

Cardboard Material:

Cardboard is the staple of retail industry and is easily customizable. Although it is not sturdy enough to use for shipping boxes. Wholesale boxes for cart packaging can be crafted with cardboard and you can decorate them with your choice of design. You can go for almost any box style and shape when using cardboard material and make your vape cartridge packaging look very appealing when displayed on the retail shelf.

Kraft Material:

If you want your vape cart packaging to be eco-friendly, then Kraft is the way to go. It is composed of plant material and is 100% recyclable. In addition, it is very customizable into different shapes, sizes and box styles. Appealing display boxes can be crafted with Kraft, and they can be customized with different print designs and colors. 

Rigid Material:

You can craft rigid boxes for custom vape cartridge packaging and make your products look a class apart on the retail shelves. Rigid wholesale boxes are crafted with paperboard material and are the sturdiest; therefore, they are suitable for shipping products and making them look attractive. The rigid boxes look attractive and add value to your products. 

Craft Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging That Is Unique And Attractive

Also, these can carry many customizations well and make them look smooth and attractive. So, when you need premium quality vape cart packaging, you can pick rigid material to craft your wholesale boxes for vapes. 

What material you choose for your custom vape cartridge packaging depends on your product and brand needs. You need to consider whether you need to ship your products or simply display them on the retail shelves. Also, the design and texture requirements are important while choosing a packaging material for your vape cartridge boxes. 

Selecting A Printing Technique For Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

Why not add some artwork and unique designs to your vape cartridge packaging? You can add designs, texts, brand logos and artwork into your vape cartridge boxes with the help of popular printing techniques. There are different options to avail and make the most out of them according to your brand and product requirements.

Here are the two popular printing techniques you need to use to make your wholesale boxes look unique and stylish.

Offset Printing Technique:

Offset printing, also known as lithography, is a printing technique that is used when you need high-definition images. It is an indirect printing process to create custom vape cartridge packaging designs that look attractive and highly appealing. The images are vibrant and clear. Although, it takes longer turnaround times and is suitable for large scale orders only.

Digital Printing Technique:

On the contrary, the digital printing technique is used when you need a speedy process for a small scale order. It is quick and produces good quality prints. However, the quality is not as good as those produced with offset printing. Also, all it takes is a digitized image that is directly printed with the help of an inkjet printer; therefore, it does not take long to produce images of your choice for your vape cartridge packaging. 

So, you can choose the printing technique according to your cart packaging design requirements and branding needs. 

Make The Most Impressive Vape Cartridge Packaging

Craft Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging That Is Unique And Attractive

To make your vape products stand out on the retail shelf, you need to make your packaging look attractive and appealing to the customers. You have the freedom to choose from various packaging materials and printing techniques to create a vape cartridge packaging that looks a class apart. You can go for corrugated or rigid materials when your products need shipping, or you can go for cardstock and Kraft when you want a highly customizable material for an attractive display of your custom vape cartridge packaging. Also, decorate your wholesale boxes with your choice of printing technique depending on your branding and design needs.

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