Creating the best pictures for Tumblr

Creating the best pictures for Tumblr
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07 October 2022

Pictures on Tumblr always look unusual because of a fresher, more creative approach. Learning how to create such photos is much easier than you thought. In the following article, we'll figure out how to take a photo and properly process it to make it look good on Tumblr. Find the best free photo editing app for PC in the article on Skylum's blog. So where do you start?

Deciding on the content

First of all, you need to focus on the format of the content you want to create in the future. It's the successful shot that determines much of your success. Browse other people's blogs, highlight the format you like, and narrow down your interests. There is no one predominant style on Tumblr, so there are many options to consider — animals, landscapes, architecture and city photos, beautiful people, interior designs, food, and more. Some people even use Tumblr to promote business and do it successfully.

Determine your main creative field and use different photo effects to your liking to make the image more original. Fortunately, there are now many editors with an easier and clearer interface than Photoshop. It doesn't take you long to learn how to retouch and process frames.

Beautiful nature and sky

Nature photos with a unique atmosphere are very popular on Tumblr right now, so they catch the attention of many users. Take pictures of a gorgeous night sky with the moon and thousands of stars, a lonely tree in an endless field, or a seashore. You can make a successful shot even better with a good photo editing app for PC.


Tumblr loves urban melancholic photos and users pay a lot of attention to them. The new Luminar Neo will help you to beautifully process photos in such style. The app has a huge collection of filters in which you will find the perfect option for an urban photo. You can always try the free version of Luminar Neo for 7 days.

Delicious food and aesthetic cooking

It's rare to find a person who doesn't love a good meal. There are entire blogs devoted entirely to food and the process of preparing it. A properly taken and processed photo of your culinary masterpiece will garner a ton of likes. Even your breakfast can be the perfect Tumblr shot.

Minimalist or cozy interiors

On Tumblr, you'll find plenty of photos of interiors. It can be as cozy as possible with decorative elements, or a more minimalist option (like white walls and a single potted plant). Choose the one you like best.


One of these features of Tumblr is photo sets. You can use them to rearrange your images to show off your content as best as possible. You can post 6 small pictures at once, put 3 horizontal photos or 2 vertical ones side by side. Be sure to pay attention to the width of the photo, for Tumblr it should be 540 pixels.

Choosing a theme

Your followers will see your posts while scrolling through the dashboard or tags, but if they become interested, they'll click directly on your blog. This is where you can give full rein to your creativity and reach your full potential. Make your blog special with themes. Whether you want endless scrolling, a blog where anyone can see your tags, or a blog where sad music starts playing, Tumblr themes are your helpers for that. Before you take a photo you should think about how the shot will be integrated into the overall theme.

Creating the best pictures for Tumblr

The key is proper editing

Photos on Tumblr inspire millions of other users, so they need to look great. Never skip the editing process. There are a lot of photo editing software options that you could use. Photoshop may come to mind, but it's complicated to master and more suitable for professionals. We recommend playing around in Luminar Neo, as it has all the features you need and is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Luminar will let you see the potential that you can achieve in your blog. Luminar Neo is available both for Mac and Windows.

Using simple tools

If you want to take out some unwanted detail that draws away the focus from the main subject in your Tumblr picture, the cropping tool is your friend. You'll also need resizing because of Tumblr's format issues described above. A simple adjustment to contrast or saturation can make your photos shine. Retouch your photos and see how many likes you get on Tumblr. Learn to sharpen images to make all the details stand out.

A few creative touches

Tumblr is a very creative platform. Adding impactful elements, and making your photo unusual, including text or watermarks will all be great assets for your photo on Tumblr.

Using filters and presets

Luminar Neo knows your needs and has grouped tools into categories: essentials, landscape, portrait, and professional. Use them to edit your Tumblr photos by adding as many filters as you need.

Creating the best pictures for Tumblr

If you don't have a lot of time, you can use the specially configured presets in Luminar Neo. With just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you'll give your photo a stunning look like you've spent hours on Photoshop. If you are still not sure if Luminar Neo is right for you, we took care of it! You can download a free trial, play around with your Tumblr photos, and see how many subscribers you get with this editing program.

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