Custom Series Connection Clear Acrylic Keychains

Custom Series Connection Clear Acrylic Keychains
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26 September 2022


Almost everyone desires to present such a thing to their loved ones that would stay with them forever. Acrylic products are the one amongst such things. Those products could be keychains, stickers, jewelry, artificial nails etc. These days the most admirable product obtained via acrylic are keychains. Such keychains are made up of polymer which acquires a very long degradation period which means that you would never observe any acrylic keychain get destroyed due to age until n unless you destroy it physically or lose it.

The manufacturing process of acrylic keychains is lengthy too. Not everyone has the expertise to handle it’s ingredients since it could produce toxic fumes when it is in liquid state. The whole production process requires exceptional attention so that the acrylic keychains turns out to be transparent and it’s strength could be preserved forever. have a very professional and dedicated team that can produce customized items too. Not only keychains, also manufacture accessories and sample packs for keychains, custom stickers, custom pillows, custom stands, pins, stationery, artists alley pack and more.

CUSTOM SERIES CONNECTION CLEAR ACRYLIC CHARMS – It’s tough to decide which type of acrylic keychains is the best. Opting the best from a wide range of all unique keychains is tough. One among the most loved and ordered keychains is the custom series connection clear acrylic charms. Since the name itself suggests, that this type of keychain is connected in series with another acrylic tag rather smaller then the first one.

PRODUCT DETAILS – This product is quite unique from others because of its looks. The keychain is connected to another keychain via a small chain. This can be connected in series that ranges from 2-6 which means that the string can contain 2-6 (your choice) acrylics in a series.  Below are some attributes that you must know before ordering this particular keychain.

  • Acrylic quantity – Firstly you will have to select the quantity of acrylics you need to add on your series connection clear acrylic charms. As mentioned above, the quantity ranges from 2-6, not more than that.
  • Sizes for each individual acrylic – You can choose size of each individual acrylic from a list of options. You can choose the same size for all or different for each, that totally depends on your interests. The sizes ranges from 1” to 4”. If you choose the right size i.e. the second acrylic to be a bit smaller than the first one makes it more cooler than the whole series of acrylic to be of the same size.
  • Accessories – You can add on accessory of your choice from a list of almost 30+ options that includes variety of colors and shapes.
  • Customized design – com has a vast variety of designs to choose from, still you can customize your own product. In custom series connection clear acrylic charms, you can customize all of your acrylics even if it’s only 2 or maximum 6. All you have to do is to name all of your images properly such as acrylic tag 1, 2 or 3 along with the accessory number and then upload a zip folder. Your images will then be processed by professional designers and you will receive a confirmation email of the design via email before they start manufacturing it. After confirmation of the design, the delivery time would be 5-7 days.
  • Additional techniques – You can also add additional techniques to your acrylic charms such as front side epoxy or glitter epoxy, front or double sided holographic (broken glasses or star) effects. Text or glitter effects can also be added.
  • Layers – A white sheet is layered between two sheets of artwork so that the design should be visible from both sides. Both artworks (front and back) are then protected by the acrylic from both sides which make the artwork clear and visible.
  • Discounted rates – After you choose your desired quantity, you will get to know how much discount you will get on your order. Discounts are provided on order of 6+ to 5000+. Discount ranges from 35% - 65%.

AT THE END – Vograce promises durability and produces light weight, odorless, waterproof and bright in color acrylic keychains. The best part is that the patterns don’t fall off and contains smooth and translucent edges which makes people fall for it. You must take a glance at their website to choose your desired acrylic keychains from a huge variety of acrylic products along with eye catching accessories or simply just customize it according to your needs and desires.







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