Custom VR prototypes

Custom VR prototypes


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We foster augmented experience. From live 360 streams all over the planet, to volumetric film trailers, endless virtual shopping centers, and then some.


On the off chance that you can dream it, we can fabricate it.

What Our identity is

Nova Media is a little group of specialists, craftsmen and engineers building computer generated reality universes to spread culture, thoughts and potential outcomes. We foster substance with an end goal to democratize encounters all over the planet.


Nova XR arose out of the sacred conviction that movement extends the brain. From the craving to be wealthy in experience. From the need to have a place with local area. From the assumption that the world merits sharing.

 Statement of purpose: We produce VR to work on instinctive admittance to individuals, stories and culture.

Ongoing Creations

Game Turn of events, Film Creation, Metaverse Retail locations, Live VR Occasions/streams, PC Realistic Universes, 50+ models/month.

Ongoing Activities


We produce VR. We model, foster applications and brood groups. We give conference, creation and improvement administrations. About Virtual Creation



We cooperate with colleges and graduate understudies to investigate, learn and partake in the field of Human-PC Relations. The motivation behind research is for an essential comprehension of virtual way of behaving and the impact of vivid media. This examination is to foster plans of action for different businesses and initiate Local area Principles and Neighborhood Watch.


Find out About Augmented Simulation

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (VR) alludes to a PC created recreation of a three-layered conditions. You can communicate with these virtual in an apparently physical (or "genuine") way by utilizing devices and gear, such regulators, gloves, a protective cap, or even a vest bound with sensors. VR permits you to investigate imagened universes, or genuine spots, conveying a feeling of "presence." where as your mind is fooled into feeling as though it encapsulates the virtual area. Throughout the previous 70 years we've looked into the T

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Custom VR prototypes

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