Custom Xbox Elite Controller for PC 2021 (Review)

Custom Xbox Elite Controller for PC 2021 (Review)

Topic Custom Xbox Elite Controller for PC 2021 (Review). In today's blog, we're going to be reviewing this controller that I have from Hex Gaming. This is the Xbox version of this controller and obviously will work with Xbox One, One X, Series S, and Series S. Why Microsoft name that? Not entirely sure. I don't have the new consoles myself. 

I have an Xbox Series X, but I primarily use this on PC.

So what, that's what most of my experience is going to be on. It's an Xbox One controller like all the functions you know, whatnot worth the mic. This port that nobody ever really uses. And it does have Micro USB, just like a regular Xbox controller, because that's what it's based on. But, I do wish that Microsoft would like to update to USB Type-C. Sony did. So, Microsoft, you're next. But, not necessarily in regards to this controller, because obviously, they're just modifying the ones that Microsoft has.  

And this one I think is an incredible value for what it. And it's really easy to use, other than maybe like swapping the panels and whatnot, but we'll talk about that a little bit later. So, I think the box looks clean. It's got a controller just so that you can easily take off the thumbsticks, and then the two paddles, or buttons I should say, that are on the back of the controller. The Hex Blade tactical gaming controller for Xbox One and PC.

Designed for Esports through Hex Gaming. And it's pretty clean. They do give you a few different thumbsticks in the box, so they give you a domed medium, a domed long, a concave long, and a regular thumbstick. And then, obviously, you have the ones that come on the controller. Two remap able buttons on the back, and the trigger control mechanism you have trigger stops. 


So, nice I would say. The controller, the feel in the hand is pretty premium. But let's check out this carrying case that they give you as well because this is not a bad value at all. So, you have a quick start guide right here, which is just going to show you, you know, how to use the controller and whatnot. And then, on the back, obviously you know, you have your rear button setup that we'll get into in just a bit.  

Let's go ahead and talk about that right now. It is nice as well that they give you a six-month warranty for defects with the controller, but if you have any issues, I would just hit them up on social networks. And then you just have like these little, little storage compartments very similar to an Elite controller for your additional thumbsticks and whatnot. 

And taking off the thumbsticks easy. You just pull it off, and then you just have to line it back up to put it back on. And that's it. Super duper is easy. I have been using the two convex thumbsticks, the shorter ones. I wish that there was a medium length thumbstick that came in the convex box. That would be perfect for aiming for me because this does feel a tad short. But, otherwise, you know, I think it's fine. And it is decently grippy as well. I would say it's a bit grippier than the thumbsticks that Microsoft uses on their controllers.

Getting down to the controllers. So, the controller is extremely comfortable. Some of the options that I selected myself because they did allow me to customize the controller myself. I just went with the black back buttons, and then this white back here, the side grip I believe only comes in black if you want this kind of texture. 

But I think that it looks pretty cool. And then, the best thing about this controller is the different faceplates that you can get. Now, these you can't, you know, swap them out. You just got to pick it when you decide to get your controller, but these faceplates are cool and they do have themed controllers as well that you can pick from, but I would just customize my personality. I like this little swirl that they got going on. I just think it looks really cool and very novel. In terms of like the performance and whatnot. 

You do have trigger stops here, so you do have a full trigger press. You switch that down and now you've got a half trigger press, which I think is very useful for shooters. Three-step trigger stops don't think are fully necessary. Two steps I think are fine. It’s nice to just have it, but if you did have one additional step, what I found one some controllers that usually have those multi-stage trigger stops sometimes it just comes off and then It's not that it doesn't work, but if you hit it too hard, sometimes they just get disengaged, so I feel like the one level of trigger stop is fine. 

 Now, in terms of the batteries and whatnot, you know, it's not rechargeable or at least I didn't opt for the rechargeable battery pack. This is more of an Xbox issue. The battery life is just however long your AA batteries are going to last. 

So, performance-wise, those thumbsticks are extremely smooth. I would say that these are comparable to the Power A controller that I reviewed a while ago which, I like quite a bit. Those are extremely smooth. This is very similar. Maybe If I have to quantify like 10% slower-is. But I mean, you know, controlling it wisely, is perfectly fine.

I do think that these thumbsticks are very good, very grippy as well. D-pad's just normal. You know, it's just a regular D-pad from an Xbox controller, just recoloured. But, it is fairly tactile. The controller does feature Bluetooth. I usually just play wired, but otherwise, it's a very, good and premium feeling Elite style controller for the Xbox platform. And this is also now probably going to be my favourite controller to use as far as having controllers on Windows. 

The reason being, I just really enjoy the placement of these back paddles here. Like this is just so easy and natural to hit quickly. And it doesn't, you know, take much effort to actuate it. And there's no weird placement that your thumb has to learn as you do with a Scuff. Like having a Scuff, you got to kind of learn like a weird placement to use these back paddles. But, using this Hex Gaming controller, it’s very easy. Like it's very natural. 

Nothing that you have to relearn. Your hands just naturally rest right where those buttons are. And I feel like that's the most important thing. If you're going to be using a Pro controller, it should feel 100% natural to you.  

So, if you're looking for the most natural feeling Pro controller for the Xbox platform, I will look no further than this. And then, and also, this thing is extremely customizable. Like I mean seriously, it's insane. 

The case, honestly for me, looks a little strange, so I don't know if I would check out a PlayStation controller from them. And obviously, the PS4 controllers are good and you can use them on PS5. But more or less, you're only going to be using it on PS4 games. Like if the game is not PS4 compatible, your controller doesn't work on PS5 which kind of sucks, and I wish that Sony would change it, but I'm pretty sure they aren't going to because obviously, they want to sell their new controllers. 

So, I hope that Hex Gaming is going to get PlayStation PS5 controllers in soon that are also just as customizable. As we can see, they are indeed planning on it as well, so for your PlayStation guys, be sure to stay tuned, because I'm pretty sure they're going to be coming out with something and I will probably review it when it comes. But back to the topic at hand, the Blade controller so you can make your own.  

Let's check. I got this origin of chaos. This one looks so clean to me. I knew that I had to have it when I have seen it. I mean you got a blood splatter. Weeds. You know, if that's your thing. Like you know, whatever, dude. They got a couple of them. There are a couple of them. If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you know, they got you covered. And they got chrome. That's kind of clean. That chrome cyan, chrome silver. 

 Just depends on what you're into. Clear. Even if, you know, if you're after the Game Boy retro vibes. Well, what is this? Like a translucent, where it's not exactly as transparent. That’s kind of clean. D-pad, they got a ton of different options.  

I believe I went for the matte white. And then, they got some chrome options as well. ABXY, you know. They just have a ton of different options in all the different categories. Different base colours and whatnot for your thumbsticks. RB buttons you can change as well.  

You can get a little wild with them. Even with the buttons on the back, you can also change the colour of these two. So I mean, it’s pretty cool. I think that you know, by the time you get one of these out, you know, you get up to about that $200 price point. I think it's a pretty fair deal. I mean, right now, I mean this controller looks pretty insanely. And we haven't like added anything functionally to the controller, you know. 

We could have gone with the barebones controller for $140 which is pretty nuts. But, you know, once we start to customize it, add on a few of those things, it's only like, you know, $40, maybe $50 max if you're really pushing it, but I don't even think it'll let me go that high. I mean it only added like an extra like $35. And we had a pretty fully fitted custom controller. 

Hex Gaming. I don't know guys. That’s a really good deal. You know, Scuf is very easy to go. $200 plus. I think that this is a very good and fair price for, at least an Xbox controller. I’m curious what the price is going to be on the PlayStation 5 controller. 

So, you know, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a bit more. If it's similarly priced to this, I would say it's incredibly fair. Even topping out at about $200. I think that's pretty decent. You know, spending $200on the controller, especially after I'm kind of past the whole controller phase at the moment, it's just a little; it's just a little much for me. $150, $170 is quite a lot.

But at the same time, you got the Elite 2 controller which is pricey as heck, but this is a lot more customizable. So, I don't know. I don't know. But for now, this controller is my favourite. Huge shout-out to Hex Gaming for sending this out as well. 

So this concludes the topic for Custom Xbox Elite Controller for PC 2021 (Review). And If you have any question related to these products then leave a comment below.

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