Customize Your Checkout Page With Shopify Plus

Customize Your Checkout Page With Shopify Plus
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The customers that reach the checkout page of an ecommerce platform are highly qualified shoppers. These shoppers are ready to purchase with the brand. Thus, converting these customers with attractive checkout pages significantly impacts the conversion rate.

eCommerce building platforms like Shopify understands this need of the brands and offer them solutions to customize their checkout page. With Shopify Plus, businesses can customize their checkout page to provide a more personalized experience to customers and increase conversion rate.

Shopify Plus allows eCommerce platforms to streamline the checkout process, improve repeat purchasing, and gain customers’ trust to complete the purchase. If you are a Shopify Plus user or planning to opt for Shopify Plus to customize your checkout page, then this post is for you. 

Here you will read about must-have features that you should add to your checkout page using the Shopify Plus customization feature.

What Are Shopify Plus Checkout Pages?

Checkout pages are a vital part of a customer’s journey in any ecommerce business. Checkout pages where a customer adds required information like Name, address, coupons etc., to place orders. Shopify offers a basic checkout page that’s not ugly but isn’t pretty as well. Shopify Plus allows you to customize the checkout page feature that non-plus merchants can’t do.

A platform needs to create a checkout page that has a simple appearance, easy to understand, and fills information accordingly to avoid loss of customers at the final stages of the customer journey.

To ensure that merchants won’t lose any customers, Shopify allows customization of checkout pages, but only for Plus merchants. With this, merchants can add or remove features to ensure that end-users won’t face any issues while placing orders or making payments.

Shopify Plus Checkout Page: Elements

There are a lot of elements out there that make a checkout page easy to navigate and user-friendly. However, we have listed a few key factors that are a must-have in a checkout page for optimal conversion rates:

  1. Call To Action (CTA): CTAs are proven methods to propel users to take a particular action. Adding CTAs like “Continue” “Apply” makes it easy for users to navigate the checkout page and drive the complete checkout process.
  2. Organized Layout: Though CTAs are the best way to increase engagement, it is crucial to organize your checkout page. A well-organized checkout page with all virtual attributes at logical places results in higher user engagement.
  3. User-Oriented Workflow: Usually, all the checkout pages require users to fill in specific information to complete the checkout process. The main objective of Shopify web development company is to provide ease to the users while filling out these specifics. Shopify Plus merchants can optimize their checkout pages to decrease friction in the checkout process.

Shopify Plus Checkout Page: Features 


As a merchant, you understand how difficult filling in all the details on a checkout page, while completing the shipping. This is where auto-completion of the feature comes in handy. While making a repeat order, there is no need for the customer to fill in details again. Auto-completion feature enables the customer to fill in all the details in no time and move hassle-free to the payment page. Fill in the information with automated tools, and users are good to go to the payment page within seconds.

Social Media Login

Integration with social media platforms can ease and streamline the overall checkout process. As a merchant, you should simplify things for the users and move from the checkout page to the payment page. Adding a social media platform to streamline the login process is one of the faster completion checkout pages. Customers can sign in with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Breadcrumbs In Checkout

Custom checkout pages are the best options to provide a personalized shopping experience to customers. With breadcrumbs, you can provide information to the users about how many steps they need to complete for placing the final order. When it comes to basic Shopify accounts, the breadcrumbs are hidden. With Shopify, merchants can customize the breadcrumbs and offer an unmatched shopping experience to their customers.

Calculate International Taxes

Nothing is more critical for a Shopify Plus merchant to deliver their package to international customers with direct taxes and fees. Hidden or miscalculated taxes/additional fees hamper the customer’s ecommerce shopping experience and deter their chances of repeat orders.

The merchant must display all the taxes and hidden fees to their international customers on the checkout page. This platform will offer the best shopping experience and increase the chances of repeat orders—a win-win situation for both. With Shopify Plus, merchants can fully optimize their checkout process and organize taxes and additional fees where it seems logical.

Countdown Timer

Checkout timer is a great way to convert customers visiting the checkout page. With a checkout timer, you can add a sense of urgency among customers visiting the checkout page to complete the purchase right away. Customers reaching the checkout page are high-quality visitors, and thus merchants need to convert them immediately. You can customize the urgent message as per your app needs for when the timer runs out. In this way, you can give a more personalized app user experience and convert customers immediately.

Payment Safety

The Shopify customer can’t see what payment methods are accepted on the first checkout page. However, to build trust and ensure a safe payment environment, merchants can customize the checkout page and add payment methods like a Credit card, Debit card, or others. Not only payment methods, but you can also add images of badges to the checkout pages. Although there are apps that can customize the checkout page and add payment safety, getting in touch with an ecommerce development company is recommended.

Trust Badges

While customizing the checkout page, you will see a lot of blank space on the right-hand side under the order summary. You can easily add trust badges to these blank pages with the help of a development firm. These badges increase the platform’s trustworthiness and help create a positive impression to complete the purchase. While going through these changes, you can also plan to add a Shopify thank you page.

How To Customize Shopify Plus Checkout Pages?

Follow these steps to customize your Shopify Plus checkout pages:

  1. Select “Themes.”
  2. Open the “Actions.”
  3. Select “Edit Code” to open the Shopify code editor. 
  4. Open the page contact.liquid file.
  5. Make changes to the checkout pages as per your needs.
  6. Save changes.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what features to add to the checkout page to make it unique and streamline the checkout process for higher conversion. Although the platform allows users to customize their checkout pages with Shopify code editor, you can do the same. However, it is recommended to make these customizations with the help of Shopify Plus development company. These professionals know what’s best for your business and optimize the checkout page to streamline the checkout process effectively. In addition to this, the checkout pages are directly related to the user shopping experience and conversion. Thus, it is always best to let the professionals handle the job for you while you focus on other important business decisions.

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