Dating on the Internet. Advantages and disadvantages

Dating on the Internet. Advantages and disadvantages
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26 March 2023

Almost every young person is a hostage of the social network. Everyone spends time there for different reasons. Someone is trying to escape from everyday problems, someone is looking for communication in the video chat dating app GoDateNow with people because he is just lonely, and someone has consciously decided to find his love online.

So, the pros and cons of online dating.

Plus - you, communicating with a person on the network, can be yourself. Agree, at a real meeting or a date, a person most often tries to show himself from the best side, he is the way they want to see him. On the Internet, things are different. You sit in front of the monitor without gloss on your lips, with your hair in a bun, or just in a dressing gown with a cup of tea. You are real.

Minus - bumping into unbalanced guys, you will be completely disappointed in them, because sometimes a guy can write things that just upset you, and with all this, you just feel mentally - robbed.

Plus, by communicating with a person on the network for a long time, you find a real friend who can listen (read) your mental anguish, you have the opportunity to pour out your soul to him, and be sure that he will not judge you, because this is a very good emotional discharge. It is easier for a stranger to tell something that you would never dare to tell a close friend in the face.

Minus - at any moment your virtual interlocutor can leave you, citing the fact that it is the turn of another family member to work on the computer. In the midst of the conversation you so desperately need, you are abandoned, you feel an even greater surge of loneliness.

Plus, you can actually find your favorite online. When you start seeing each other in real life, he will become the most dear to you. You will skip the stage of uncertainty, and you will not be overtaken by the problem of a dead end in a conversation. Having talked about a lot on the Internet, you can easily find a common language.

Minus - maintaining a relationship with a person for a long time on a dating site or on a social network, you can become very attached to him, bet on further communication, on the further course of events, but all your plans can collapse like a house of cards when the interlocutor tells you, that he only needed sex, in fact, for this he was looking for an acquaintance. If a girl pursued the same goal, there will be no problems, and if she wanted a strong relationship, she must understand that a strong relationship from the starting bed will not work.

You will live from knock to knock in the ace, from "online" to "online". Go crazy at the moment when photos of your beloved with other girls appear on social networks, at the moment when you are waiting for him at the monitor.

Each person must decide for himself what he needs more, loneliness in the network, or strength in order to look for a loved one among real people.

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