Dedicated Software Development Team Structure: The Roles And Responsibilities You Can Outsource

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30 October 2022

When commencing a development project, you want your squad to comprise skilled and experienced folks who are aware of all the nuts and bolts of their craft. Appointing great professionals does not mean they will make an excellent crew or build an extremely efficient development procedure. 

Moreover, expertise and skills are not the only vital elements determining their effectiveness. Comprehending and warily describing roles and duties on an outsourced project is another triumph criterion that demands your attention as a business owner. 

Apparently, the development procedure may look simple: you contact an agency with a digital product in the head, discuss what you require, then the programmers do the development, quality assurance experts do quality assurance, the software gets installed, and you enjoy the outcomes. 

However, who decides project objectives and goals? Who sets the atmosphere? Who serves as the core point of interaction between the shareholders and the dedicated software development team? Suddenly, there are more roles and duties to take on. So, how do you identify who you need? This is what we will converse about in this blog.  

Dedicated Team Structure: The Roles And Responsibilities You Can Outsource

You need to make a perfect team to release a new product successfully. Several factors decide a dedicated team’s structure. Let’s talk about the numerous individual roles you may require to fill within your squad.  

  • Business Analysts

They analyze and collect all information about the product, define the target consumers’ needs, and act as a bridge between the engineers and the market. 

They investigate the behavior and apprehensions of users and then put together recommendations for product development and improvement. When the software is ready, they examine whether this software solves market issues and its significance for users. 

  • Chief Technical Officers

They are highly concentrated on the development procedure’s technical aspects. They will aid you in evaluating particular technical solutions’ scalability, financial viability, and practicality and recommend the processes' enhancements. If you are difficult to pick the correct team participants for your project, you can consult with them.  

  • UI/UX Designers

UI and UX are closely fused but are different concepts. These notions have in common that they both need technical skills and creativity. UX designers guarantee that browsing experience and features are easily accessible to the audience by studying user behavior. 

They also look after all interface features so that it is obvious where to click to log in, etc. UI designers handle layout and visual design. Though these are two roles, the UX/UI designer is usually one expert. 

  • Software Architect

They make executive software design verdicts in a dedicated software development team. If your project has intricate requirements or requires profound changes, you will need one. 

They determine which databases and services should connect together, how integrations should function, and how to guarantee that the software is stable and secure.

  • Developers

They do the actual job and code software. There are backend and frontend developers. Frontend programmers develop software’s part that people interact with, making sure that software offers a smooth experience to all—regardless of the platform, device, etc. 

Backend programmers execute the core of software- business reasoning and algorithms. Expert backend developers write code and also perform the duties of an architect. 

For instance, formulate a software design or architecture and execute the requisite integrations. There are full-stack programmers as well that handle all the work at the same time—from servers to databases to clients and all the necessary integrations.

  • QA And Testing Engineers

There are various types of QA engineers who excel in several kinds of software testing. Without a QA expert, your team will be incomplete. 

They ensure that all features (small or significant) are operating impeccably. They make sure there is no design or logical bugs in the software. 

If they find any issues, they document and discuss them with the programmers and perform re-tests to guarantee that the errors have been resolved. Your software will only be released once the QA and testing experts give clearance.

  • Project Manager

PMs handle the project in a way that all development undertakings go smoothly from the beginning. They supervise the project’s progress from beginning to end and competently lead the team. 

They ensure that the clients clearly express their project requirements and that the team completely understands them.  

Moreover, they ensure that the crew is sticking to the project scope, planned budget, and delivery time frame and is devotedly performing its allotted tasks. Plus, they conduct regular meetings and act as managers between the team and the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Should You Make A Dedicated Development Team?

To bring together an excellent team, you should first contemplate the dedicated team’s structure. For this, you should take into account these factors: budget, work scope, management approach, and roles and responsibilities in the squad.  

  • What Roles Are Necessary For A Dedicated Team?

For correct and stress-free software development, the team must include a project manager, a business analyst, and the core development crew (developers, designers, and QA engineers).


The biggest reason outsourced projects fail or go overboard with the budget is the unclearness of project roles and responsibilities among the internal and external teams. 

You have to understand that your project’s success relies on shared ownership and responsibility. Together with the outsourcing agency, you have to guarantee everyone is on the same page concerning their roles, duties, and anticipations they hold of each other in attaining your project's goals. 

When roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, you eradicate misunderstandings and confusion on the project and ensure increased productivity.

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