Delta-8 Vs. Delta-9 – Which One is Better?

Delta-8 Vs. Delta-9 – Which One is Better?
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In the sphere of tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta-8 is enjoying immense popularity right now, particularly in the states where cannabis is yet to become legal. Now, one might ask whether Delta-8 THC in Marietta, GA, is as good as Delta-9 or not. If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in the right place. This topic will explore the similarities between the two cannabinoids and help you understand how they work.

The Similarities

So, how similar is Delta-8 to Delta-9 and vice versa? Both originate from the hemp plant, which means they’re quite similar. However, the chemistry of the two compounds is where the difference lies. There’s also the matter of their classification as government-regulated substances.

The Chemistry of THC

As mentioned above, the most significant difference between the two compounds is their chemistry. Delta-8 THC in Marietta, GA, has a double bond in the 8th carbon chain. Delta-9, on the other hand, has the same double bond but in the 9th carbon chain. To be precise, there’s a minor difference in their chemical composition.

When it comes to tetrahydrocannabinol, the slightest difference in chemical structure changes the entire experience. The double bond in the 8th carbon makes Delta-8 less potent than Delta-9 with a double bond in the 9th carbon. Then again, this doesn’t mean Delta-8 isn’t potent. It’s just not as powerful as Delta-9.

THC Classification

Some say Delta-8 is better than Delta-9. Why? It’s because of the Federal Classification. As Delta-8 is a hemp-derived substance, the federal government doesn’t control it. Delta-9, however, comes from marijuana, a substance on which there are stringent measures.

Understandably, Delta-8 comes out on top as any USA brand can ship its products to any state where this substance is legal. Simultaneously, Delta-9 can’t be shipped legally at a location where it’s restricted.

Delta-9 Derived from Hemp

The rules with Delta-9 have an exception for brands selling it online and adhering to the regulations of hemp. As long as a product contains hemp-derived Delta-9 with less than 0.3% THC, it’s legal.

Delta-9 from Hemp

The thing about legality arises from where the Delta-9 has been extracted. If you use Delta-9 from marijuana, it’s illegal. Conversely, hemp-derived Delta-9, as mentioned above, falls in the hemp category, and it’s legal.

Marijuana plants have a high concentration of THC and low concentrations of CBD. Hemp is the exact opposite of marijuana in terms of the cannabinoids it contains. While it’s more challenging to extract THC from hemp, it’s the only way for brands to sell this compound online without deviating from the rules.

0.3% Delta-9

There’s one more condition every brand has to follow to sell Delta-9 online – the product should contain less than or equal to 0.3% of this compound. Now, 0.3% may not be enough, but the best brands manufacture bigger products to ensure they hit harder.

The Verdict

Determining whether Delta-8 THC in Marietta, GA, is better than Delta-9 THC or the other way around means you have to set your goals. What do you expect to achieve?

When it comes to potency, Delta-8 lags behind Delta-9. Even then, many people opt for the former because it’s the only option for them.

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