Diamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts

Diamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts
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20 October 2022
The best way to buy rings is to find the perfect cut, metal, and size for you. This article can show you the eight different cuts of rings to choose from so you can find the style that's right for you.


Diamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts


Princess-style Cuts

Princess-style Cut is a square shape with sharp corners. With the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond at a lesser price, this modern beauty is second in popularity and looks stunning in traditional and geometric settings.

Pillow Cuts

Pillow cuts are perfect for large stones, as they provide more shine and a touch of vintage charm to the piece. This type of cut is considered to be an old-fashioned design that is reminiscent of the Victorian era, and it's perfect for those who want a more traditional look. Settings with a vintage feel are the perfect place to incorporate cushion diamonds.


Diamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts


Green Cut

It is suited for high-clarity stones, not just emeralds, due to its glassy table and step-cut facets. The step-cut facets provide a better reflection of light and give the stone a cleaner look than if it were faceted. For those who are looking for a more understated look, the long design of this ring optically lengthens the hand, giving it an elegant and aristocratic appearance.



Due to its square design and chopped corners, it is frequently referred to as an "emerald cut square." This cut is a good option for a fashionable person who values tradition. For a sleek, elegant look, use Asscher and emerald diamonds.


Diamonds Come in Eight Different CutsDiamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts


Oval Cut 

With its symmetrical layout and extended curves, the oval cut is noted for its "princessy" appearance and adventurous flair. Smaller stones appear larger thanks to their distinctive pear or "teardrop" shapes. Risk-takers with exceptional taste would choose this.


Cute Marquise

Cute Marquise, which was modeled after the Marquise de Pompadour's smile, is for those with unique personalities and ardent romantics. Diamonds with marquise, oval, and pear shapes make fingers appear long and thin.


Diamonds Come in Eight Different Cuts


Cut Trillion

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone on the planet because of their ability to reflect light in a way that no other gemstone can. This is due to the diamond's triangular shape and the many facets that cover its surface.


Quarter-moon Cut

Traditionally, the baguette and crescent cuts were utilized for side diamonds, but today there is a modern option that has become popular. It's a versatile shape that can be worn in many different styles.

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