Difference between Ops-Core Bump Helmet & Team Wendy Helmet

Difference between Ops-Core Bump Helmet & Team Wendy Helmet
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Ops-Core & Team Wendy Helmet: Which is the Best Option?

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What is the Ops-Core helmet?

The Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet is one of the most advanced ballistic helmets on the market. The Ops-Core helmet is a lightweight ballistic helmet that is popular with both professional and recreational users alike. The helmets are used by US Navy Seals, SWAT teams, and elite special forces around the world. The helmet can be customized for different uses such as sports, fire department, security, and recreation.

There are many high-quality helmets for a huge array of different uses. The Ops Core® Ballistic Helmet is one of the best and it’s incredibly versatile. But what is this helmet and what does it offer?

What is the Team Wendy helmet?

Team Wendy is a Cleveland-based business that was recently purchased by Avon plastics which specializes in the development and manufacturing of tactical helmet systems for military personnel.

Ops-Core & Team Wendy Helmet: Which is the Best Option?

Many people today are looking for the best ballistic, but due to the different features of these helmets. One of the most popular choices for a ballistic helmet is the Ops-Core Ballistic Helmet. Team Wendy has also released their version of this helmet, called the Fast Helmet. Team Wendy and Ops Core's line of fast helmets and fast bump helmets is considered by many to be the best in the industry. By combining the best materials, technology, and price, Team Wendy and Ops-Core have created a line of helmets that can not be beaten.

Tactical Gear Review: There are some great ballistic helmets on the market. The most popular ones at the moment seem to be the Ops-Core FAST helmet and team Wendy’s bump helmets. Team Wendy is the newest and very best Tactical Ballistic Helmet on the market today. It is lighter, stronger, and offers increased protection. Ops-Core is a great helmet that is specifically designed for military use.

Features of Ops-Core helmet & Team Wendy

The Ops-core fast helmet is a lightweight fast and protective helmet. It is an interesting alternative to the heavier ballistic helmet. The helmet can be customized with different accessories like the Ops core bump helmet cover, Team Wendy bump helmet cover, Ops core bump helmet, Ops core fast bump helmet, Team Wendy bump helmet, and other similar products. The Ops core fast helmet comes in a large variety of sizes, unlike the ballistic helmet which has a few sizes only. This makes it easier to customize the helmet to your personal needs and size.

The weight of the Ops-Core helmet is 2.40 lbs. The weight of the Team Wendy helmet depends on its size. The weight of medium(M) and large (L) size helmets is 2.6 lbs and extra-large (XL) weight is 2.75 lbs. In the beginning, we heard that the Ops-Core helmet is lighter than the Team Wendy helmet. The Price of the Ops-Core and Team Wendy helmet depends on its manufacture and weight. The Ops-Core helmet is available for $1860 and the Team Wendy helmet is available for $1545.

How successful is the helmet being used?

Ops-Core  Bump Helmets are popular among soldiers and law enforcement agencies. However, the Ops-Core bump helmet is not very popular in the market for private users. One of the main reasons for such a slump in the sales of bump helmets is the lack of awareness among the users. The helmet is crucial to protect the head during combat situations. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment used by military personnel. As an important part of the protective gear, it is also one of the key equipment to help save the lives of soldiers. In this blog, I'll talk about the different types of helmets that are used by military personnel and how they are used.

When you're using a helmet several different factors come into play. The helmet you choose is not just about the protection it can provide but also how it features and ultimately comfort. The faster you're moving the greater the force will be. That's why it is so important to select the right helmet and protect yourself accordingly.

The helmets we wear in airsoft serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to provide ballistic protection, they can assist in situational awareness, they can be used to regulate our body temperature, and they can be used to help us identify friends or foes to name just a few. When you are looking to get a helmet for your next purchase, it can be overwhelming to choose from the numerous different styles, materials, and configurations.

If you have done any research at all on bump helmets, you will have probably seen 2 names mentioned more than any others and that is Team Wendy and Ops-Core. These two manufacturers are leading the way when it comes to bumping helmets. However, there is a lot of confusion about which is the better option. In this blog, we will show you the differences between these two helmets and

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Ballistic helmets can range in price points depending on the manufacturer, weight, and level of protection. You should expect to pay $800-$1,800 for a higher-end helmet with extra ballistic protection, higher cut, and lighter weight.

The Ops-Core can go for around USD 1860 while the Team Wendy is available for USD 1545. If you're looking for a cheaper option and don't mind the weight difference, Team Wendy might be the option for you.


You want a comfortable helmet if it's going to be sitting on your head for long hours. I've heard mixed reviews on how comfortable one is versus the other.

A user from Reddit, states "the liner and padding system is more thought out [in the Team Wendy] than the Ops-Core."

The Team Wendy helmets have a Zorbium® Foam Liner with 16 customizable pads for two levels of thickness.

The Ops-Core helmets used Vented Lux Liner with one piece of full-coverage layer (either ¼", ½" and ¾")  for breathable comfort. Users have stated they have swapped out the padding for Ops-Core 4D pads which they like even better.

The Ops-Core airflow shell has in-vent holes for increased airflow and reduced heat stress which Team Wendy does not have.


Team Wendy and Ops-Core have been the top names in the Tactical Ops industry for decades. We hope this article provided you with useful insight on which tactical helmet would be best for your application.


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