Differences Between British English and American English

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Do you struggle with differentiating between British and American English? In this article, we will discuss the differences between language, some of the intricacies that come with it, and how we can stay in step with each other. 


What is the Difference Between British and American English?


The two main languages spoken in the United States are English and Spanish. However, there are also many different languages spoken throughout the United States. One of the most important differences between British and American English is the pronunciation of certain words. 


British English tends to pronounce words such as 'aluminium' and 'centre' with a long 'a' sound. On the other hand, American English pronounces these words with a shorter 'a' sound. Another difference between British and American English is how they spell words. 

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British English often spells words such as 'colour' and 'mail' using the same letter combination, while American English uses different letters for these words. For example, British English would spell 'color' as Colours, while American English would spell it as Colors.  

Overall, British English is generally more formal than American English. British English also tends to use more terms from Latin and Greek, while American English uses more words from Anglo-Saxon and Germanic languages. 

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