Digital marketers must choose best SEO Automation tools

Digital marketers must choose best SEO Automation tools
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If a successful digital marketer is applying for top-level SEO automation tools then why not you? Search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO is something that every marketer applies to improve their website. 

So, automation in this case if gets done, it saves a copious amount of time. But which tool should your business apply for? First off, we will explain to you the definition:


What is SEO automation?

The tools of SEO are built just to eliminate manual tasks to save your productivity and precious time. Numerous tasks are there that your team performs, so tools of SEO make it easy to complete them faster without any manual effort required. 

We believe you might be facing repetitive tasks that are genuinely killing the work productivity of your team. Without any doubt, choose the best SEO tools which provides automation benefits. 

                        “Experts say Automation is fabulous for productivity soar”

  • 57% of users say automation is best for productivity benefits.
  • More than 70% of users say this technology will bring more opportunities.


Tasks that you can automate faster

This is a question to ponder over. Not every work you can automate to free yourself from SEO. We are going to highlight some of the splendid tasks to free you. 

  • Website crawls
  • Analyzing log files
  • Keyword intent analysis
  • Position tracking
  • Reporting

Use powerful SEO automation tools to handle all these tasks without any human effort. Well, we know how SEO experts face the situation in report handling. It takes a huge time without any doubt. But when you use the power of automation it will share reports like-

  • Site audit
  • Backlinks
  • Monthly competitor analysis
  • Organic search positions


How does it handle Log files? Curious to know about it?

Credit to the best tools of SEO that enable businesses to know how the search engine is interacting with your website. When automation in a tool it unpacks the features like-

  • How many pages are not crawled
  • List of crawled pages
  • List of errors found during the crawl


Tools you need for Automation advantage in SEO tasks

Screaming Frog

To find common issues for SEO improvement, we recommend all companies to strive for a Screaming frog. It unlocks issues on your website such as broken links, duplicate contents, audit redirects, etc. It makes the process of analyzing page titles and metadata more efficient. You can even for the Free version of the Scream frog tool. 


To know how your social media campaign is going, SentiOne is available to help your venture. Suppose if someone mentions your business name in their brand, you will receive a notification via this tool. Track all insights like who interacts with your business brand and how. Ready to choose SentiOne? You can book a demo and grab the ultimate benefits. 


The tool is rich for helping you to know which page is ranking higher and which page needs your work to improve. SERPWoo enables you to track the top twenty results for your keyword. Start tracking the metrics like domain link popularity, page link authority, social shares, and so on via SERPWoo. The pricing of this SEO tool begins at $49.95. 

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