DMX Reportedly Hospitalized After Drug Overdose (UPDATE)

DMX Reportedly Hospitalized After Drug Overdose (UPDATE)

DMX Update has been admitted to the hospital Friday night following an attack of the heart that was provoked by an apparent overdose of a drug, TMZ reports.

After consuming a narcotic at home at around 11. p.m., DMX was taken to the hospital located in White Plains, New York. He's currently in the hospital's critical treatment unit. A close source to the family informs the TMZ that the rapper, who is 50 years old, is experiencing "some neurological activities." One source states that the rapper is in a "vegetative condition" and that doctors have warned that he could not get through it.

DMX Award has been fighting addiction for a long time, and last checked into rehab facilities in October of this year just nine months after being released from prison for tax fraud charges.


A number of his peers from the hip-hop world posted on social media to show their love for the rapper among them Rick Ross, T.I., Missy Elliott, and Ja Rule.

"Shake the back of Big Bro. We had plans, Maaaan! had a lot of work to do! !" wrote T.I. "We laughed so hard at the progress we've made in our lives tonight. I am grateful to you for coming up and looking over an innocent. This is why I'm telling you what you've said to me...This is also going to happen..."#PrayersUpForDMX."

"I received a phone call this morning stating that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, in the White Plains Hospital, and that he suffered an attack of the heart, and I'm not sure of how it happened and he's currently on life support," Richman said.

Contrary to other reports, X did not claim that X was suffering in the event of an excessive dose.

"I've had a conversation with the family, and the family and I are extremely close to one another. I am concerned for his health and aware of his importance. I've been friends with Earl for over a quarter of a century and I think his music is very moving and extremely important. He's a true poet of our time." Richman said.

In an interview in an interview with Pix11, Richman says DMX is "taken off of the life support system and is now breathing by himself." But Richman says "we are worried."

In a statement released to Complex, the spokesperson stated, "I can confirm that X is no longer on life support and breathing by himself. We aren't out of the woods just yet."

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When Richman spoke with Rolling Stone later this evening the rapper said he was "given inaccurate details" and added that the rapper was on life-support.

TMZ changed their original story, adding information from an individual in the family. A family member tells TMZ "paramedics tried to revive the patient for about 30 minutes but during that time, he was without oxygen." Doctors believe that the absence of oxygen has seriously affected brain X. A family source told TMZ that "it's not looking great."

The same source in the family stated that his children have flown in to see him.

In a formal statement addressed to TMZ as well as VladTV, the representative of DMX says it is "issuing this statement to fight all misleading and false stories that circulate via social media."

He was transported to the hospital after falling at home. There was no mention of an overdose.

"At this moment, Earl is in the ICU in critical health. Earl is a fighter throughout his life. This particular situation is another challenge he needs to overcome."

The rep added, "The Simmons Family appreciates the outpouring of sincere support, love, and encouragement in addition to prayers, for Earl. Earl is a man whose music and life have been a motivation and inspiration to many people all over the world. It's comforting to look at his

fans return that same passion and energy to him during his time of need.”

DMX still on life support following a heart attack, family issues statement

DMX remains on life support, despite the statement of his lawyer, who claimed the rapper was removed from the machine in the last few days and that he had been "breathing by himself".

  • UPDATE: The DMX family have now declared his death

On the 3rd of April (April 3), TMZ announced that X was taken to a local hospital where he was found in an extremely critical condition following an overdose. The overdose was reported to have occurred the night of Friday (April 2) at around 11 pm, following the "Party Up (Up in Here) rapper who was transported to an emergency room at White Plains, New York.

Sources informed the publication that the overdose caused a heart attack. Multiple sources have reported that X was in a "vegetative condition" or that he had "some neurological activity" and doctors had warned that he could not make it through.

The lawyer for DMX later provided an update on his health which revealed the fact that X was breathing independently after being taken off of life support.

In an interview with PIX11 News, Murray Richman stated: "He's been in the hospital due to an attack on his heart. He's been removed from the life support, and is breathing by himself"

He continued: "But we are concerned. It's a disingenuous thing for me to say me to be a less concerned man at the moment."

In the meantime, Richman has since retracted his comments. In an interview with Rolling Stone last evening (April 3) He said that he was "given inaccurate information" and the rapper is on life support. The rapper was unable to confirm whether that heart attack is caused by drugs.

A representative for DMX posted an update to the TMZ within the first hour of the day (April 4, 2019). "Last night, Earl 'DMX' Simmons was taken to a hospital for a fall after collapsing while at home. As of now, he is in the ICU in critical health. Earl has been a fighter all his life. This latest situation is another obstacle he has to overcome," the statement said.

"The Simmons Family appreciates the massive outpouring of heartfelt affection and support, as well as encouragement in the name of Earl. Earl is a man whose music and life have been an encouragement and strength to many people across the globe. It's comforting to know his fans show the same energy and enthusiasm to him in times of the most need."

TMZ reported an individual from the family has confirmed that the rapper's children flew to visit the rapper.

in the interview, he admitted to smoking marijuana "now and then" however he had not been high for more than an entire year. He said: "I'm always going to become addicted. I'm sure to be addicted until the day I pass away. That doesn't mean I have to be high."

In the year 2017, he cancelled three shows in California to get into a rehab centre. In the same year the actor continued working to address his issues, he enrolled on a second facility for addiction treatment located in New England.

DMX has been to rehab several times. His last time in rehab was in 2019 after he cancelled several shows before making an appointment to check himself in.

"In his continuing dedication to putting family and sobriety first, DMX has admitted himself to rehab facilities. He apologizes for the cancellation of his shows and thanks to his fans of his for the constant assistance," a member of the team of X posted on Instagram.


Since the album's release, X has kept himself active. His return to the music industry has included a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of his iconic debut album 'It's dark and Hell is Hot, appearances at major festivals like SXSW as well as Rolling Loud: Miami, as well as a major conversation with The magazine.

In the last couple of months, DMX has been making his highly anticipated return album, which is the perfect sequel to his 2012 album "Undisputed".

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