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obert O Young is a gold mine of knowledge. He studied science and earned five degrees in it. Robert O Young continued to incorporate three doctorates to his bag of credentials namely a PhD, a D Sc, and a N.D. But Robert O Young has more to him than merely these degrees. He is a scientist of high repute who is also an educator and a microbiologist. But Robert O Young is mostly known for his finding in the field of nutrition and has given eight books to the planet on topics related to health and nutrition and the science of blood and microbiology.

Robert O Young says that after researching for over quarter of a century he has understood and had the oppertunity to describe that most functions of the body are acidic and that the human organism must maintain its alkaline design in order to remain healthy. Robert O Young talks about how it is essential to keep the natural alkaline ph of the human body to be able to lead a healthy and long life. Robert O Young concluded that diseases thrive in an acid environment and that when an oxygenated alkaline atmosphere is developed in the torso then it becomes nearly impossible for germs to strike. A concept, which will be true in the case of cancer-ridden cells. Cancer simply lies dormant in a 7.4 ph while if the alkalinity of the human body goes higher around 8.4 these cancer cells may also be completely washed away and killed.

dr. robert a. hadden has devoted his life to solving the puzzle of diseases. He spent some time working hard at finding out why and how people get sick. Once he narrowed down on the alkaline ph theory he continued to greatly help people rebalance their lives and regain their health. Many have benefited from his studies and regained what Robert O Young calls, their 'inner light' ;.His genius is based on the fact he bought together studies of numerous scientists and added his own wisdom to them and derived a conclusion that seemed perfect. Robert O young did not stop here but continued to discover a solution for the condition problem of the human body too. Robert O Young has proved his metal as a microbiologist who for a long time researched the text between over acidification and the development of microorganisms. These microorganisms release metabolic poisons in our body the apparent symptoms of which we call diseases.

Dr Robert O Young strives each day to create awareness about how exactly and why we fall sick as well as educate people in regards to the necessity of maintaining the natural alkaline ph of the body. He heads the Inner Light biological research centre where he develops his theories every day. He researches difficult to find cures for diseases like AIDS, cancer and leukemia. Robert O Young is also a person in the American Society of Microbiologists and the American Naturopathic Association. He is a reputed scientist whose work has benefited many people and has additionally formed the base for a number of other studies being conducted to benefit mankind.

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