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ears since today, June 7 on the 7th of June in 1993 Drazen Petrovic died in a car crash that left him dead at the age of 28. Petrovic, a star European legend, joined in the Portland Trailblazers in 1989-1990 as at the age of 25. The player was picked by the Blazers in 1986 , and was legally entitled to the rights. Petrovic was coming off the greatest NBA season in the New Jersey Nets in 1992-1993 before entering the final year of his career. He was a great shooter, but was overlooked during his four years with the NBA. what is a replica jersey during that time was that it didn't support the current wave of European talents, and by the time of his passing, Petrovic was considering returning to Europe to play. The Nets retired the jersey of Petrovic in 1993 and the world has begun to recognize how outstanding a athlete Petrovic truly was. In replica jerseys , he was admitted into the Hall of Fame. His Champion jersey is one of the rarest , most sought-after jerseys.
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