Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

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20 November 2022

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

If you fall asleep while watching TV, you may have dreams or similar experiences about what is currently on TV, which arises from the complex spectrum of emotions and sounds received. This is probably the rough idea behind Dream TV, which was developed by BITS and hit the US market in 1994. Will this be a nightmare or a magical awakening? The European market never received this game.

Atmosphere / Story

Two buddies receive a mysterious video game module from a not-too-trustworthy person and of course test it out. Both are drawn into a confused but also dark fantasy world that initially resembles that of Castlevania and they look for a way out together. The focus here is really on together.

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

In terms of atmosphere, there is an interesting contrast between the typical 90s characters and the dark fantasy world in which many traps lurk. On the other hand, there is nothing in terms of dialogue and you don't learn anything about the world the characters are in. This reminds the whole thing a bit of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series, which had very little to do with the pen-and-paper game roms on TechToRoms.Com.

Overall, the picture is below average and also a bit confusing and immature in some places.



Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

Dream TV doesn't come with any dreamy graphics, but rather with quite pixelated graphics that are more reminiscent of the SNES Roms games. Nevertheless, the game trumps with its wealth of detail, which you should also pay attention to in a playful way, since many things are of importance, but cannot necessarily save the game.

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

Here is an example of bad design. On the left picture, there are projectiles that can damage you, look closely... the right picture is the same scene just a little zoomed-in, brown pegs falling from top to bottom, in a yellow-brown pyramid... my face.

The animations don't look pretty and are slow, but not nearly as sluggish as in Prince of Persia or Another World.


Game Mechanics / Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Dream TV manages to offer something special, because this game is not a standard jump-and-run game, like Asterix. In this jump and run with a heavy puzzle element, you have to use your wits and since 2 wits are better than just one, it is really best to play the game with two people.

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

When playing alone, you have to switch between the two characters in order to solve certain switch puzzles and this is more fun but also faster with two people.

It was a good idea to split the screen into two so the two players could be in completely different parts of the game at the same time.

Unfortunately, a lot of the game is super cryptic and it won't be easy to progress, even with two people. Since the gameplay is designed for 2 players, it is best played with only two people. When you finally know what you have to do... again, it's not that difficult and it's a good deal faster.

3 / 5

music and sound effects

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

Neither musically nor in terms of sound effects does Dream TV stand out positively. The music sounds more like a previous generation of consoles and the sound effects are tepid.

2 / 5


Due to the slow animations of the game characters, the controls are also a bit shaky and spongy, which is particularly noticeable when jumping. Shooting, depending on the weapon, is slower but simple. Anyone who knows the game Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six will be able to imagine how the controls in Dream TV feel, real LJN feeling ...

Objects are picked up automatically when you walk over them. The character change, if you play alone, via L + R. In addition, you can also switch between split screen and full screen as a single player.

Overall, the controls are too spongy and the hit detection is imprecise, which can make the jump passages in particular a bit uncomfortable.


fun factor

Luckily, Dream TV brings with it a level of complexity that makes it far more interesting than most run-of-the-mill jump and runs. However, the developers got a little lost here and the complexity tends to degenerate into chaos since you have to remember (or write down) a lot and pay attention to abstruse things in order to progress.

On the other hand, the game's cooperative dynamics are a pretty good idea, similar to The Lost Vikings, except it feels more Castlevania-like.



The optics are obviously not appealing, but it shouldn't fail because of that. The game is not recommended as part of its single-player mode, because controlling both and dealing with all the puzzles alone is shoddy, difficult, and frustrating.

Dream TV Review - SNES roms games for Android

With two people, on the other hand, you can still get something out of Dream TV, but you really shouldn't expect too much, because the game is immature in many areas and below the level of this console generation.


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