Easy Steps to Use Dried Flowers in Candle Making

Easy Steps to Use Dried Flowers in Candle Making

A few homemade dried flower candles are the perfect way to surprise someone if you can't decide between flowers and candles as a present. This is distinct and special since it creates a fragrant impact inside the home.

While many people would believe that manufacturing dried flower candles is complicated, it is actually very simple and only needs a few inexpensive supplies.

Ingredients Needed to Make Dried Flower Candles

1.) Wax: Any kind of wax can do; however, organic wax works best for candles.

2.) Cotton Wick: Make sure the size fits the jar or other container.

3.) Dried Flowers: You can buy dried flowers from a store or just dry your own flowers at home.

4.) Jar or Container: Use any that are available.

5.) Pencil: The wicked set has to be adjusted.

6.) Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil or any other.

Easy Steps to Make Dried Flower Candles

1.) Burn/Melt the Wax

The wax must first be melted in a jar or a pot. To avoid damaging our dried flowers, it is best to let the wax melt on low heat and watch it cool down rapidly.

2.) Fill the Glass or Container with Dried Flowers

If you're using a clear container, thoroughly clean it before putting any wax or flowers in it. If you want to exhibit the flowers, you may either pour the wax into the glass and add the flowers one at a time or adhere some of the petals to the side of the glass.

3.) Pour the Wax

Turn off the stove and transfer the wax to the jar or container when the wax has cooled. You can use a skewer to position it correctly in the wax after adding more flowers.

4.) Add the Wick and Oil (Oil is Optional)

Ensure your wick is properly set beforehand so it can be put in the candle immediately. If you intend to use any essential oils, wait until the wax has cooled sufficiently to avoid any smoke from being produced.

After giving this mixture a little swirl and a few drops of essential oil, insert the wick into the wax. Make sure it is positioned exactly in the middle.

5.) Secure the Wick with Tape

Use a pencil to prevent the excess wick from sinking in the wax once the wick has been placed in the middle and down in the wax.

6.) Let the wax cool

Once you've completed all the processes, set the candle away to cool. Normally, it would take a day for everything to settle. You can add more decoration after it is established. The candle can also have a name added to it.

Various Dried Flowers and Herbs for Aromatherapy (Used in Candles)

 1.) Lavender Dried Flower

The most popular use of lavender is for stress relief. You can relax and feel smoother by using dried lavender flowers. Ensure to extinguish the lavender, dried flower candle, which is prized for its lovely appearance and aroma.

2.) Dried Rosemary Flower

Treat yourself to one of our hand-poured soy wax candles encased in a lovely coconut shell after a long day at work. They precisely represent the relaxing and floral scent of rosemary. Feel instantly at ease!

3.) Dried Chamomile Flower

The calming effects of chamomile on the body and mind are well established. Beautiful flowerheads can be used for their relaxing smell or added to candles for incredible fragrance.

4.) Dried Mint Flower 

Mint A special combination of essential oils is used to scent dried flower candles. They are calming and energizing, and the scent of mint lingers and is seductive.

5.) Dried Lemon Flower

This candle's energizing lemon notes will make you yearn for a large glass of cool lemonade. This zesty scent is ideal for any day and will make you happier.

6.) Dried Sage Rose

This candle aids in your relaxation and provides therapeutic stress relief. This candle, inspired by sage, will meet all your demands if you enjoy aromatherapy.


This handcrafted candle is the ideal present for your loved ones or even to set at your home, depending on the occasion. It is simple to prepare, airy, and fragrant.

In order to remind your loved ones to practice self-care, give them a gift for their birthday, anniversary, or housewarming celebration. Then again. Nothing makes treating your loved ones better than having a handcrafted gift around, like dried flower candles. Choose good quality and naturally dried flowers. You can also visit VedaOils for 100% organic and USDA-certified products.

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