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Concerning This Quiz Although purchasing an integrated home theater (also called home theater-in-a-box HTIAB, also known as HTIAB) reduces the complexity of your decisions about elements, there's much to be learned about technology for home entertainment. Are you confident about how to use the home theater system?


In the course of researching speakers, what exactly does the number that follows the decimal mark mean?

The strength of transmission for the whole signal

the development generation of the speaker system.

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The subwoofers' number

A subwoofer is a type of speaker which specifically transmits bass frequencies. The number of a speaker, following the decimal number, shows the amount of subwoofers that it has.

Subwoofer channels produce bass-like sounds. What is the maximum number of hertz that the subwoofer channel transmit the signals?

The 20-200-Hz frequency range

The bass frequencies are within the 20 to 200 Hz range.

The band 40-400 Hz

The frequency range 100-400 Hz

What is the color of the laser employed in the Blu-ray player?

redas well as any other disc-reader

blue, obviously

Blu-ray as its name implies uses a laser blue in order to read high-definition discs.

Blu-ray lasers are not visible.

After you hit the button to your remote control what's coming out of it?

sonic waves

Infrared light

Although Bluetooth has grown to be a popular option, most remote controls communicate with their handsets using infrared signals.

ultraviolet light

To what connection system in your home do the 802.11 standard pertain to?

The wireless network

Wi-Fi devices are able to communicate with each other using the 802.11 standard.

Digital cable connection

Bluetooth connectivity

Which one is more reliable, a WiFi signal in 802.11n instead of 802.11g?



While the standard remains usable for all devices, 802.11n improves on 802.11g by up to five times the speed and twice the coverage.

It doesn't matter what.

What is "HDMI" actually mean?

High Definition Media Interface

HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface. It connects HD video signals to your devices and doesn't make the signal smaller.

Hi-definition Digital Memory Interface

Ultra-fast Digital Media Input

Does anyone have a term for the 3-color cables that were used in older equipment?

Cyan-Yellow-Magenta (CYM)

Visual-Graphic-Antenna (VGA)

Video Graphics Array (VGA)

VGA (Video Graphics array) was the old analog video standard, using diverse cables for processing the various hues of signal.

What is the size of the image that is transmitted at 1080p?

1920 x 1080 pixels

The 1080p standard uses an array of 1080 x 1920 pixels which are then scaled in proportion to the width of your display.
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A minimum of 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) wide or larger

A little less than 30 inches (76.2 centimeters wide)


Which type of TV uses liquid crystals for displaying the image?




In both cases, LCD and the so-called LED screens use Liquid Crystal Display technology. However, the LCD screen uses LEDs to illuminate up the LCD display, rather than the CCFL (fluorescent) light.


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This Test

Even though purchasing an all in one home theater (also named home theater-in-a box, or HTIAB) makes it easier to make some of the choices you need to make when it comes to component choices, there are still many things to know regarding home entertainment technology. Think you're comfortable the home theatre system as well as their parts?

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