Electron 7.0 released: Support for Windows 10 on ARM (64-Bit) available

Alex Alex 28 October 2019
Electron 7.0 released: Support for Windows 10 on ARM (64-Bit) available

Electron 7.0 is there. In addition to the usual Upgrades to the Tools in the center of the framework is also a major innovation in this Time. Electron 7 brings Support for Windows 10 on ARM (64-Bit).

Electron 7.0 is there. Of course, the Version of each Major Release of Electron brings some Upgrades to the underlying Tools. In the core of Electron Chromium 78.0.3905.1, V8, v7 now.8, and Node 12.8.1. The Release is right on schedule, which was announced in January 2019. To be able to with the aforementioned Tools keep pace, it was announced that in future is to publish a new Major Version of per quarter. Electron 6 was published in July.

Electron 7: Alternative to remote

With v7 has received Electron in addition to the aforementioned Upgrades, some new Features. Including the newly added Release for Windows 10 on ARM, which is now available can be found. Also an Alternative for the remote-the module of the Electron is now available, which has already been considered for some time by various sites as problematic. The ipcRenderer now.invoke() and ipcMain.handle() for asynchronous Request/Response-Style IPC available. The Electron-Team advises to use the new options in the future.

in addition, Electron is working now with the new TypeScript Definitions Generator. Thus, precise definitions would be generated; the Update could, however, lead to problems with TypeScript Builds. For more information about Electron 7 can be found in the blog post for the Release.

On GitHub, you can also had already a look at Electron 8, the is there Beta Version available. Also, the upcoming Major Release will change a lot.

Source: entwickler.de

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