Ember v. 3.14 published: Octane as a Preview included

Alex Alex 20 November 2019
Ember v. 3.14 published: Octane as a Preview included

The JavaScript Framework Ember has get Version 3.14. In addition to bug fixes and a new Feature is the testing phase of the Octane-project, the focus is on the release.

Ember, the Framework for the creation of Single-Page web applications with v3.14 a new Release. As the developers team announced in advance, not Ember Octane appointed to the new Standard. The Octane-project summarizes a whole series of new functions to optimize with improved components and new ways of working with Ember fundamentally change. Currently Octane to get the last finishing touches and is included as a Preview. Before the final Version is to be released according to Plan in six weeks, may report to the Community, more Bugs and testing. With Octane-created Apps will also be available with future versions compatible. The use remained unchanged, only the @mica/component has been updated.

Ember v3.14 – this is new

As a new Feature Ember.js the @model for Route Templates in the Luggage. Route Templates can be accessed in addition to the Route Model. For the Library, Ember Data, there was a Cleanup of the documentation. Since the Version 3.4 Performance problems when Retrieving Relationships via left lists could be improved in the new Version of this now, according to the developers, in part, to the 3.5-Fold speed in comparison with the 3.13 Update. Deprecations there was, however, for the Adapter and Serializer Packages. For the Command Line Interface Ember CLI, the Release of bug fixes, contains a Deprecation of MODULE_UNIFICATION, as well as an Update of the Blueprints.

for More information about Ember.js v3.14 are to be found on the official Blog to.

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