Ember.js: News for the first Octane Edition published

Alex Alex 07 November 2019
Ember.js: News for the first Octane Edition published

With the new Octane Edition wants to introduce the Team of developers of ember.js basic Changes for the JavaScript Framework jQuery. Now it is News around the Plan to recommend the Octane with the 3.14.0 Release of ember.js as Standard./p>

Ember.js Octane is to bring great new features for the JavaScript Framework jQuery. This is a Set of new Features, which Ember.js to change fundamentally in many areas. The current situation of the Octane Edition, which is already in Ember.js v3.13 as a Preview was included, there was on the part of the developers now a news update.

Octane Edition is still not a Standard

Prior to the release of Ember.js 3.14 the Team of developers announced that it for this Version, no recommendation will say to use the Octane Edition as the default. Nevertheless, it was in the areas of documentation and API big-progress. In addition to several not yet fixed Bugs disabling the jQuery Integration is, above all, a Problem with the Migration, such as the analysis of the Preview feedback had shown. Octane-based Apps don't need to disable, therefore, starting with Version 3.14, the jQuery Integration is mandatory. With the decision not to make a recommendation, take the developer the time required to take into account the Community Feedback and the Octane Edition according to your requirements. User, the Octane in the framework of the Preview Version in Ember.js 3.13 use, can continue to do so. The Octane-based Features are stable and semantically versioned.

More Information can be found on the the official Blog of ember.js to.

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