Embrace Augmented Reality Over Mobile Billboard Trucks

Embrace Augmented Reality Over Mobile Billboard Trucks
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Marketers are increasingly turning to In-Hand Advertising with Augmented Reality (AR) instead of relying on mobile billboard trucks. Discover more by contacting us.

A survey by Numerator reveals a significant shift in marketing strategies across various industries. Mobile billboard trucks are becoming obsolete due to their lack of targeting, control over driver reputation, and inability to track ad views effectively. Emerging tactics like AR Advertising are replacing these outdated methods.

New Advertising Tactics

The first part of this article explores emerging advertising strategies, while the second part discusses the drawbacks of using mobile billboard trucks.

Advertising with Augmented Reality

AR has revolutionized how businesses connect with customers, integrating digital elements into real-world environments to create immersive experiences. Brands now use AR in print media to introduce their messages innovatively.

The Rise of AR in Advertising

According to a survey on Art Labs by Snapchat, 73% of people easily understand AR advertisements, and by 2025, 75% of the global population is expected to use AR frequently. AR enables marketers to offer informative, engaging, and personalized content, enhancing sales and customer loyalty through advanced technologies like scene tracking and in-store navigation.

Innovative Advertising with AR

Marketers utilize In-Hand Advertising by placing AR ads on QR codes, which can be featured on items like shopping bags, hotel key cards, pizza boxes, coffee cups, and bar coasters. These QR codes often provide incentives like gift coupons, creating a win-win situation for both marketers and consumers.

Memorable AR Advertising Experiences

Effective marketing stems from excellent consumer experiences, which are driven by brilliant advertisements. AR QR codes expand artistic boundaries and engage consumers deeply. A study by Neuro-Insight, Mindshare UK, and Zappar found that AR generates high levels of visual attention and memory encoding, significantly outperforming non-AR tasks.

High Engagement with AR Ads

AR allows advertisers to engage with consumers more interactively than traditional media. Instead of passively viewing static ads or videos, people can now directly interact with brands.

AR in Pizza Box Marketing

Using pizza boxes as advertising space turns them into mini moving billboards delivered to homes. Studies show an 80% recall rate and a 150% ROI for such campaigns, proving their effectiveness in driving sales.

AR and Door Hangers

This approach ensures brand impressions by delivering advertisements directly into the hands of target audiences. Door hangers can be tailored to specific demographic profiles, enhancing targeting accuracy and ensuring high ROI.

Why Avoid Mobile Billboard Trucks?

Mobile billboard trucks are costly and often fail to deliver the expected ROI. They lack precise demographic targeting and tracking capabilities, resulting in low brand engagement and direct action. Traditional out-of-home advertising, like billboards, suffers from similar issues, including high costs and low ROI.

Advertising Trucks: The Drawbacks

While vehicle advertising offers an alternative to static billboards, it carries risks such as reputation damage from driver behavior. Additionally, advertising trucks have low ROI, difficulty in tracking outcomes, and low brand recall. They cannot precisely target the intended audience, leading to inefficient ad campaigns.

Maximizing Success with Digital Mobile Billboards

Despite their potential to reach deeper into target audiences, mobile billboard trucks risk tarnishing your brand’s reputation if mishaps occur. An old or damaged billboard further harms your business image. Use our tips to create effective digital mobile billboard advertisements and maximize your success.

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