Engines of Fury Token (FURY) Investment Research Report: A web shooting game created by a top team

Engines of Fury Token (FURY) Investment Research Report: A web shooting game created by a top team
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On May 15th, Engines of Fury Token (FURY) has been launched on HIBT. Engines of Fury Token (hereinafter referred to as EoF) is a top-down extraction shooting game created by top Web3 projects and game development teams, aiming to create high-quality A quality web gaming experience integrated with cryptocurrency elements. This report will introduce the background, token information, market prospects and risks of the EoF project. FURY is currently open for trading on HIBT.

Background of the project
EoF is built by a talented team from top gaming companies such as Blizzard, Activision, Ubisoft and Unity. It has been in development for two years and is about to release an Alpha version. The project is backed by prominent venture capital firms, working with co-founders and VPs from Fortune 500 companies, and has publishing deals with top storefronts, boding well for its potential in the gaming industry.

Token information
Token symbol: FURY
Total amount of tokens: 120,000,000
Token distribution ratio and unlocking rules:
Private placement round: 18.75%, 22,500,000, TGE unlocks 5%, 4-month lock-up period, 20-month linear unlocking
KOLs: 3.01%, 3,611,111, TGE unlocks 15%, 3-month lock-up period, 12-month linear unlock
Public offering round: 2.29%, 2,750,000, TGE unlocks 15%, 2-month lock-up period, 12-month linear unlocking
Consultant/Partner: 6.00%, 7,200,000, TGE is not unlocked, 4-month lock-up period, 24-month linear unlocking
Liquidity: 20.00%, 24,000,000, TGE unlocks 20%, linear unlocking in 12 months
Team: 10.00%, 12,000,000, TGE is not unlocked, 12-month lock-up period, 15-month linear unlocking
Marketing/ecosystem: 20.00%, 24,000,000, TGE is not unlocked, 1-month lock-up period, 20-month linear unlocking
Development/Treasury: 19.95%, 23,938,889, TGE is not unlocked, 6-month lock-up period, 30-month linear unlock

Market prospects and risks
market expectation
Fusion of games and cryptocurrencies: EoF is committed to integrating games and cryptocurrencies to provide players with an experience of earning while playing, which has huge appeal in the current crypto game market.

High-quality gaming experience: The EoF project created by top game developers is destined to provide a high-quality gaming experience, which will attract more players to join.

Social features and token economy: EoF not only provides gameplay, but also focuses on social features and token economy, which will promote interaction between players and provide additional incentives for players holding FURY tokens.

Market competition: The encryption game market is highly competitive, and EoF needs to differentiate itself by providing a unique gaming experience and attract enough players.

Development progress: The development progress of the EoF project may affect its market performance, and delayed releases or low-quality games may affect players' trust and interest in the project.

Token Economic Stability: The stability of the token economy is crucial to the long-term success of the project, and token allocation and unlocking rules need to be carefully designed and managed to ensure token value and market stability.

in conclusion
The EoF token project has taken an important step on the road to integrating games with cryptocurrencies, but it also faces market competition and development risks. However, with its high-quality game experience, strong development team, and focus on social features and token economy, EoF has great potential to become a leader in the crypto game market.

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