Enhance your business scalability with Kenyan Technology Startups now

Enhance your business scalability with Kenyan Technology Startups now

The startup research that leaders such as Brown, Kozmetsky, Smiler, and David Burch have conducted in this area shows that large organizations that do not innovate well, need products and not raw technologies. It is small as well as medium-sized firms that can adopt raw technology and convert it into a product; However, they lack sufficient resources to move forward. As a result, more than 75% of licensable technologies sit on university shelves. A significant effort is made to increase the dissemination of technologies through R&D in research institutes. As you might know last year the university overtook MIT and is the number one university among new high-tech startups. Take your business to a great level with Kenyan technology startups on WeeTracker.

Kenyan Technology Startups have a higher percentage of royalties per dollar of research than other institutions that are members of the Technology Managers. Research institutions receive their R&D funding, which is spent on research activities, research often resulting in intellectual properties. Intellectual property is provided to the Technology Transfer Office for the technology licensees to participate. Of all patents, 84% are for manufactured products and 16% are for software and Internet innovations. Most of the potential candidates identified for the application of these intellectual properties are either from large manufacturers, of which about 3,000 are within the United States, or are applied in new high-tech startups, usually spin through search institutions. are off.

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The system of bringing the R & D Funds, accomplishing the research, and providing it to the Technology Transfer office for them to find someone to use the new intellectual properties is a “push” system. The technology push mentality of two major items became obvious with Kenyan Technology Startups. Firstly, more than 75% of all of the innovations and technologies developed each year that do not get licenses, are transferred to the industry or else incorporated into products. Secondly, because of the manpower needed to conduct technology transfer, the focus has primarily been, as mentioned on the 3,000 huge manufacturers or their own high-tech start-ups.

Ignored within this process are the more than 300,000 medium to small manufacturers that are resource constrained and thereby left out of the process. It is necessary to note that while Universities and Federal Labs provide a few technologies, the industry aims to provide over 95% of the commercialization activities that bring new technologies in the form of new products to the market. Business startups are always accompanied by risks, however, provide new opportunities too. You would notice that those new technology-driven startup firms have huge returns over investments. The research industry drives the firms and introduces new things that are proven to be in demand.  So, business Kenyan Technology Startups investing offers a lot of opportunities for bankers and venture capitalists.

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So, business startup investment offers lots of opportunities for bankers and venture capitalists. However, there are those who don’t invest just because they are startups. VCs come into two stages. The first stage is that they come to the business when it is simply an idea. For startups, funding would always be the main problem and if the venture capitalist is happy with the startup's proposal and has got the potential to grow, it would fund the new business. In the second phase, the venture capitalist comes up when Kenyan Technology Startups are already in business for years.

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Business requires additional financing just because it has already grown and progressed. You may find a lot of businesses almost anywhere like boutique shops or else restaurants wherein previous employees part ways and begin their own. This comes in the form of new travel or else transport organizations wherein new business owners feel that they are well-experienced and more knowledgeable and have got the capacity to sustain their own business.

It turns out to be evident that there is a lot of business in the internet and technology sectors. Nowadays, business related to IT may be seen in almost all places and you may find a lot of them. Some of them have been massively successful and now you may see that they are industry giants themselves. A lot of these businesses are now public and have a huge clientele that gets based upon customers from all over the world. Their example inspires others to begin their own business. Enhance your business scalability with Kenyan Technology Startups and Nigerian FinTech Startups.

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