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29 August 2022

Sima Hui looked at the rubbings again. If it was an underground python, it only had an outline. He could not distinguish the head and tail of the python. With his eyesight, he could not see what object it was. Liu Huashui said: "In fact, it is a tunnel in the mountainside. The internal rock stratum is black and blue in color. It looks like the intestines pulled out of the body of a dead body. It must be said that it looks like a python. Anyway, it is a natural cave in the deep mountains. It was called the corpse intestine cave in ancient times. The mountain shape above is also very special. There are many fossils in the stratum. This rare mountain-shaped terrain." It can only be found in the primitive forest of Daishen Nongjia. Listen to those old men in the early years, the hole of the corpse intestines is bottomless, and the end is mostly connected to the Yin Mountain where the ghost is locked. Sima Hui said, "Isn't it just a coiled cave? Can it be deeper than the Lop Nur telescope?"? The abyss is also known as the nine-fold abyss in ancient books. If I remember correctly, Chuang Tzu said that the pearl of a thousand pieces of gold must be in the nine-fold abyss, and under the jaw of Li Long. It can be seen that the real treasures are all deep underground, so the deeper the hole, the better. Liu bad water nods say is: "If you go this can succeed, nature is best, nevertheless, I that 'big goods' even if have hope.". But Chuang Tzu's words are also full of danger. Don't forget that the ancients once said that although there are good candles, they can't shine on the nine-fold abyss. It can be seen that there are some things under the ground that can never be seen or known. I only hope that Master Ba will never go back. When Sima Hui heard this, he felt his hair stand on end. The "nine-fold abyss" foreshadowed by the ancients should be the place where the "green tomb" was looking for. So he asked Liu Bad Water where the specific WEI of the corpse intestine cave was located. The area was covered by a vast forest of mountains, with many cliffs and cliffs. How could he find the entrance of the tunnel with only one or two people? What is the other "machine" thousands of years ago? Can you be sure that it is in the deepest part of the tunnel? For the sake of Sima Hui's promise of "big goods",eye cream packing tube, Liu Huashui, of course, said everything he knew. He immediately replied to the preface and went on to say: Let's come one by one. Let's talk about the so-called "machine" or "machinery" first. Besides, I really can't think of any other word to describe this thing. In ancient books, it is called "heaven", which is a measure of heaven and earth. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it was still in the depths of the Great Shennongjia Tunnel. In recent years,pump tube, there are also related records in the murals and embroidered bamboo slips of ancient Chu tombs unearthed, but the contents are bizarre and mysterious, and many people today can not understand them. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, six hundred thousand Qin troops marched southward to destroy Chu, but they did not find a large number of treasures and bronze heavy objects in the palace of the King of Chu. It is said that they were all buried in the cave of corpses and intestines by King You of Chu, among which there were flying stiff, and strangers were not close to them. Since then more than two thousand years, the mountains for the valley and the sea dust, topography has undergone significant changes, now the specific location of this deep mountain tunnel, but it is difficult to find, in addition, the corpse intestine cave is the place name of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, custom cosmetic packaging ,cosmetic plastic tube, after the county and local chronicles no longer use this name, it has already become an unknown "secret place", so as long as there is such a thing in the world. It should still be in Shennongjia. After listening to Liu's story, Sima Hui still found it hard to imagine what "Heaven" was. Perhaps this ancient legend has a long history, and its content has long lost its true meaning. It seems that only by finding it in the deep mountains can we have a chance to solve the mystery. According to the ancient seal records left by the snake worshipers in the underground chamber, it seems that "heaven" is the passage to the abyss. This is the only clue Sima Hui knows. No matter what the result is, he is determined to find out. Volume 2 The Second Secret of Great Shennongjia 2 So after Luo big tongue came back, they continued to plot in the carriage in a low voice, Sima Hui has always been bold, and has a skill, intends to rely on a paper privately tampered with the letter of introduction, and Luo big tongue two people pretending to be archaeologists, directly into the mountains to explore, but also to hide as far as possible, the fewer people know the better, because it is easy to hide and hide. At this time, it is impossible to determine whether there are "green graves" lurking elements in the country, in case of leaks, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no accidents after entering the mountains. Liu bad water does not agree, he hopes that Sima Hui can live to bring out a few "big goods", naturally to be safe, "the great God farming frame" in the hinterland of western Hubei, the mountains are high and dense, covered with the primeval forest that never sees the light of day all the year round, the underground tunnel is unknown, only two people go, even if there are some means, it is rather lonely, I'm afraid it's hard to get things done. We should go back first and take a long view. It's better to find a few more strange people to help us. Sima Hui also felt that his strength was limited, but the pressure from time did not allow him to delay any more. Now he had the conditions to go, and he had no conditions to create conditions to go. In addition, Sima Hui did not intend to involve irrelevant people in this matter. There were enough dead people in the first two times. Sheng Xianglin had just had a transfusion before she got on the bus. She was still very weak, but she was always listening to Sima Hui and others discussing the plan to go to Shennongjia. She sat up and said to Sima Hui in a low voice: "I'm much better now. It's important for you to go into the mountains to look for the sky this time. I must also participate. Besides, there is a lack of members who understand the geological structure in the group." The difficulties and dangers we face when exploring the cave will increase exponentially. We are more or less taking care of each other. We can discuss and deal with any situation. You can rest assured that I will never give you any trouble. Both Sima Hui and Luo Da Tongue knew that Sheng Xianglin's character seemed peaceful, but she had her own opinions in her bones. Once she was sure of something, she would never listen to persuasion. If you didn't agree, she would follow her. Besides, it was really hard to rest assured that she was left alone. Liu Weishui didn't want to let Sheng Xianglin take such a big risk, but his words had no effect, persuasion was fruitless, so he had to take out several hundred yuan of capital and more than two hundred catties of national food stamps, all handed over to Sima Hui,plastic laminated tube, told him to find a way to take good care of Sheng Xianglin, "big goods" later, as long as he came back alive. emptycosmetictubes.com

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