Essential Elements of an Effective SaaS Site

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Essential Elements of an Effective SaaS Site

Creating a useful and beautiful landing page is a hard-consuming, laborious process that requires a lot of time, intense mental activity, and energy consumption. The complexity of the task increases many times over if you create a website that works as a landing page offering customers access to software over the Internet (SaaS). SaaS (software as a service) is software, all the power of which is on the server of its supplier. For users, this is a cloud service with which they work through a browser.

The main difficulty in promoting SaaS is low conversion rates. Visitors to landing pages of online services are 10.46% less likely to become customers than in other topics. Thus, it is extensive to consider every little detail that will increase the coveted ratio when designing a page to generate leads.

Let's consider and define the elements that influence the success of SaaS landing pages.

A good headline (or Value Proposition)

A good headline creates the first impression of a product. If you don't do it right, people will leave the page after a few seconds and leave no room to share what you have to offer.


What are the characteristics of a good headline?

·          It explains what the company does and identifies a problem that the product can help solve.

·          Arouses the visitor's curiosity, a desire to learn more about the product.

·          Reduces the bounce rate to zero (the number of people who immediately closed the site without trying to study it).

Try to express in one short phrase the meaning of your business proposal and concentrate on it the sense of all your business activities.

Authorization elements that help increase conversions

Your call to action (CTA) tells the user to take some action. Typically, most SaaS sites use CTAs to ask the user to register. Most of the buttons say Sign Up Now.

The main thing is to create relevant CTAs on the landing page. Most likely, your users are not ready to immediately become buyers, so divide them into groups.

Conditions should be specified, for example:

·          Your trial period will automatically end after 30 days;

·          We will not spam you by email;

·          You do not need to link your bank card to your account;

This is a great way to remind visitors why they are here and what value they will get from a free trial.

The common problem is that some visitors click on the registration button, but most of them never complete the process. Therefore, it is necessary to make registration as simple and as short as possible.

Use social proof

Today, everyone uses reviews. Everyone either posts real responses on the site or simply fakes them. How do you stand out? How do you turn into buyers those who remain indifferent to the social proof you have?

Here are some characteristics of a review that people are willing to believe:

·          It's easy to recognize yourself in the commentary. People want to see social proof from those who seem similar. Otherwise, they can't believe that they can achieve the same results with the product like the one who left the review.

·          The visitor must be sure that the person who left the review is a real person. Sometimes it is even better to use amateur videos or interviews as they look more believable than text on the page (and can be easily overlooked when scrolling the page).

·          The visitor must be sure that the person who left the review is a real person. Sometimes it is even better to use amateur videos or interviews as they look more believable than text on the page (and can be easily overlooked when scrolling the page).

Also, putting brand logos on your landing page is a great way to showcase your most famous customers. Most sites use this technique to showcase positive press coverage as well.

Product story & Product Pictures

Many companies make the same mistake – they do not explain what makes their product in simple and understandable language. Don't expect people to randomly try your production to see if it's right for them. You need to explain how incredible your product is and what results from it can bring so that the user is interested that he will turn into a buyer. Otherwise, you have no chance to get your customer.

The same thing is correct for product images. Can you imagine buying a product without first seeing it at least once? No. After all, people should see what they want to buy. Thus, your page must have photos of the product you are offering.


Video does what words and pictures cannot. The video allows you to see your product in action instead of reading the description of these actions.

Many video hosting services offer a service for collecting statistics that helps you find out the number of users who viewed your video and the time spent watching it. Statistics like these are useful for studying target audiences.

Finally, a short video (ranging from 30 seconds to one minute) can provide more information about your proposal than the most verbose description.

Easy-to-find contact information

Not everyone who visits your site will spend time searching for contact details. Many, not finding this information at first glance, will just leave your landing page. That is why you should indicate the phone number on the home page - this will can help to increase the number of direct incoming calls.

Typically, contact information is placed at the top or bottom of the page, but wherever you choose to place your message, make it visible and clear. Visitors should be able to find your phone number quickly without any extra effort.


All mentioned points do not guarantee the instant success of a SaaS project. But these are the pivot points, starting from which, you can translate your ideas into reality. If you have any questions left, you can read more articles about SaaS landing pages with good examples or contact SaaS design agency for help.

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