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According to Ayurvedic medicine, a natural healing system that began in India 3,000 years ago and is still strongly used in that country, the body is not only meat and bones, but a complex electrical system. While most people in the United States may not be familiar with him, fortunately we have people like Deepak Chopra, who bring us a lot of information from all corners of the world of well -being. Deepak tells us that the human body has more than 70,000 circuits. It sounds amazing, right? But think about it: when a person's heart stops, doctors apply electrodes to drive it, it is because the heart is electric, just like the rest of the body. In my own clinical practice, I have discovered some circuits that can be activated to prevent disturbances how i cured my vulvodynia.

how i cured my vulvodynia

In general, natural healing is a slower process than the pharmaceutical approach to mainly control symptoms. While taking medications, you can experience rapid relief, however, the underlying cause is rarely addressed. Natural healing (including Ayurvedic medicine) focuses on balancing the mind, body and spirit, which can sometimes take more time; However, there are moments in natural healing when an instant relief occurs. I know because I treat four conditions (kidney stones, painful sexual relations, jet delay and protection of natural flu) that regularly fall into that category. Occasionally, you can take two or three sessions to obtain results.

Kidney stones

Anyone who has experienced renal calculations will tell you that it is one of the most painful things imaginable. Most calculations are formed due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors, including high levels of calcium in urine, obesity, certain foods, some medications, calcium supplements, gout and not drink enough fluids. Once stones have been formed, they can be very difficult to get rid of which many people have to have lithotripsies, during which shock waves are used to "exploit" pieces in pieces, or even more invasive renal surgery to eliminate them . I help them avoid all that with a natural energy adjustment. Once again, this may sound like hocus pocus, but I have several patients who after receiving this treatment did not experience kidney stones again, even after twenty years! I am not treating kidney calculations, but preventing it from happening. It is also possible to avoid bile calculations with a similar procedure.

Painful sex

From time to time, a female patient entrusts me to experience painful sex. My first question for her is: "Have you ruled out any medical problems?" The most common reasons why women have discomfort during sex include infections; trauma or tissue injury; anatomical variations; hormonal imbalance; Bladder irritation or interstitial cystitis; vulvodynia (chronic pain with an unknown cause); cancer or pelvic mass; and vaginal dryness. However, painful sex can also be rooted in emotions, such as fear of pain or injuries, feelings of guilt or shame, and fear of pregnancy. If the patient's gynecologist has told him that there is no physiological reason for discomfort, I offer my help. My approach is to release any underlying negative feeling associated with sexual intercourse. "There is no talk about talking," just a precise emotional adjustment. In general how i cured my vulvodynia, only one session is needed to eliminate any unpleasant sexual memory or feeling.

Jet Lag drag

Many people, after flying through the country, to or from Europe, or anywhere where crossing time areas experience the displeasure known as Jet Lag. Symptoms include daytime sleepiness, irritability and digestive discomfort, and may be enough for someone to fear their next vacation. Doctors say it is an interruption of the circadian rhythm; I say that it is an interruption in its electromagnetic energy field, and I do a polarity -based treatment that avoids it, usually in a single session.

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