Everything To Know About Adding A Shopping Cart For An Existing Website!

Everything To Know About Adding A Shopping Cart For An Existing Website!

Does your business have an existing website that doesn't work as an eCommerce store but now you are ready to add eCommerce to the existing website? Are you worried about getting to start everything from scratch? 

Don't get discouraged!

Your efforts and time spent on your previous website won't go in vain. You or you can hire a professional designer to integrate eCommerce into existing websites. It doesn't require you to change your website's look and feel entirely, which customers are already using or aware of. 

Thankfully, adding an online store to an existing website is not difficult without changing its existing appeal. If you can't add a professional designer to your budget, you can do it independently without being experienced with the technical aspects of creating a website. There are plenty of easy ways to achieve the same.

You can integrate eCommerce into an existing website that works along with the rest of the pages of your site with very little editing to the original website. And if you are comfortable working with HTML code, you can directly add products to any existing page on the website. Here in this article, you can learn it all. 

What Is An Online Shopping Cart?

It is software that offers plenty of necessary features to the customers in purchasing from a website. You must know that some shopping cart softwares are quite simple and barely requires a few pages like a product and a checkout page. 

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While a few softwares go the extra mile by including more features to give your consumers an improved shopping experience, these softwares have special eCommerce tools that help you run your business smoothly.

 What Is The Easiest Way To Add Ecommerce To An Existing Website?

You can do it without hiring a developer if you want access to the tools to sell your products online and run your eCommerce business. You must opt for a SaaS eCommerce platform that helps you build and add a shopping cart to an existing website. In this way, you are not required to alter the original website's design beyond integrating a working link to the site for providing access to the store section. Also, you won't have to pay a lot of money to get the software license. With a Saas solution, you can visit the website, choose the right plan and begin with. 

Shoprocket is a SaaS eCommerce solution company that adds great value for your money. We have the highest number of important features for creating an eCommerce website for free. Besides that, Shoprocket is the most versatile platform that allows you to get your products onto the marketplace while adding the items to the existing eCommerce website with the requirement of minimal editing. 

While you create a website with a fully functional built-in shopping cart, the use of Shoprocket can make it easy to add an eCommerce platform to your existing business platform. You can start building the store by choosing a theme, adding your product inventory and setting them up in several categories. Also, make sure to add the cost of shipping and the taxes with the original pricing of the product. 

Ways To Add An Online Store To Existing Website:

Once you have set up your online store, you can initiate the process of connecting it to your existing website.

Locate Your ECommerce At A Subdomain Of Your Existing Website

To achieve the same, you must set up the subdomain with the domain registrar and then direct it to your existing website.

Don't forget to link your main site and your eCommerce platform together so that your potential customers can easily navigate between the two. For example, add a link to your eCommerce store's URL to your website's main menu and vice versa. 

Add Products Directly To The Page Of Your Existing Site 

Most shopping carts include this feature in the form of a Buy Button if you'd prefer to add your items straight to your current website's pages or integrate them into blog entries. With a Buy Button, you can produce code snippets that can be pasted anyplace that supports HTML and JavaScript, which includes all of your websites and blogs and certain forums and other third-party websites.

For each product on your Shoprocket store, you may build a Buy Button, which will produce code for an embeddable widget. It mostly includes the product name, image, price, and more. You may also customize the button's wording, such as "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart." Customers who click these links will be sent to your Shoprocket store, where they may finalize their purchases.

Adding Internal Links To The Text

You must add internal links to your website's content as needed to link straight to your product pages. As long as you utilize anchor text that includes the correct keywords for the product in question, this can also help your items rank higher in search engines.


The features of your present website platform should never restrict the possibilities of your online business, but it doesn't mean you have to switch it entirely.

You can create a comprehensive online shop that functions with your website and connect the two with ease using a full-featured eCommerce platform like Shoprocket. You'll also get access to a specialized eCommerce solution and all of the tools you'll need to manage orders and promote to your consumers. 

Shoprocket is your best choice for selling online, regardless of what platform your website is built on.

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